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15 simple, yet powerful Excel functions you need to know

Want a better grasp of Excel, but not sure where to start? This list will help.

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Microsoft Store lists Lumia 950 as teardown offers peek at 950 XL's liquid cooling

The Lumia 950 devices aren't up for pre-order, but at least they're listed on the Microsoft Store.

Mozilla Firefox

This add-on makes Firefox's Find feature a supercharged mimic of Chrome's

FindBar Tweak for Firefox is a must-have add-on for anyone who spends a lot of time searching web pages for keywords.

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Microsoft's 1TB Surface Book appears with a jaw-dropping $3200 price tag

Think Microsoft's Surface Books are already too expensive? Wait until you see this $3,200 high-end model.

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HP's new Chromebooks are less colorful, but cheaper

Hewlett-Packard just announced its latest Chromebook 14 lineup featuring a $50 price drop.

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HTTPS errors: What to do when your PC freaks out

Connection errors are annoying, but they usually require a simple fix.

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New Microsoft trade-in deal will give you up to $300 for your old MacBook or laptop

Want up to $300? Trade-in your lightly used MacBook at a Microsoft Store location until Tuesday.

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10 (mostly free) must-have Windows 10 apps for power users

If you’ve just bought a Windows 10 device, here are the apps you’ll want to download as soon as possible to get the most out of your new machine.

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Microsoft's Device Night lets you try out Surface Book and other Windows 10 devices

Road trip! Microsoft takes the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, new Microsoft Band, and Lumias 950 on tour.

Death to passwords! New Yahoo Mail protects with push notifications instead

Yahoo's offensive against the password is almost complete with Yahoo Account Key.

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Google dumps Chrome's notification center on Windows, Linux, and Mac

Unless you're running Chrome OS, you will soon lose Chrome's notification center and it's your own fault.

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How to set up Google's Chrome browser the right way

Chrome is great, but is it as great as it could be for you? Read this to find out.

Aorous for Windows

So-called 'Popcorn Time of music' Aurous sued mere days after launch

Aurous is a new streaming service that dubs itself the 'player of players' and is about to get hauled into court on charges of copyright infringement.

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How to mute multiple noisy Chrome tabs at once

Mute all noisy tabs at once with this Chrome extension.

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Sorry, ad blockers: German news site Bild says nein

Popular German-language site Users is blocking the ad-blockers. Users who try to access the with ad blocking browser extensions enabled.are rerouted to a page that offers a subscription.