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This is what Super Mario Bros. 3 on the PC could have looked like in Doom-maker id's hands

Super Mario Bros. 3 never made it to PC even though two of the biggest names in PC gaming history tried to make it happen. Here's what that first early rough cut looked like.

2 easy ways to remotely access files on your PC

Need a file from your computer, but forgot to throw it into Dropbox? Having a back-up plan for remote access can help.

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Amazon yanks hoverboards from store over fire concerns

Hoverboards are a popular product this holiday season, but it appears safety concerns have prompted Amazon to pull many brands from its digital shelves.


Microsoft gives Windows 10 users 10 free, full music albums for the holidays

Microsoft wants you to get into the Windows 10 Groove app groove for the holidays with 10 full, free albums.

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T-Mobile tempts Verizon users to switch with a free one-year Hulu subscription

T-Mobile is going after Verizon customers in its latest deal with a free, one year subscription to Hulu for customers who switch to the "Un-carrier."

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How to easily secure your web browsing with Hotspot Shield's free, unlimited proxy

VPN provider Hotspot Shield has add-ons for Firefox and Chrome to help keep your web browsing secure quickly and easily.

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Microsoft open-sources dead, but beloved Windows Live Writer as Open Live Writer

Live Writer will live on as Open Live Writer, an open source project that is already available for download.


Microsoft website leak hints that Edge browser extensions are approaching release

Edge extensions may be ready for preview soon after Microsoft offered an accidental sneak peek at a developer site.

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How to use Microsoft Edge's casting feature to beam media to your TV

Microsoft's Windows 10 November update included a great feature to send media from one device to another.

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The Nexus 6 disappears from the Google Store

The Nexus 6 has left the Google Store, but you'll still be able to find it elsewhere for a few weeks yet.

AT&T's gigabit Internet is rolling out to 38 new markets, but read the fine print

AT&T's GigaPower is getting a big expansion, but be careful to read the fine print if you sign up.

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Video, audio streaming gobble up 70% of peak Internet traffic in North America

Regular internet usage is taking up more bandwidth, but usage caps are staying the same.


How to turn Chrome into a language tutor

Learning a language and need some extra practice? This extension can help.

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Asetek demands AMD stop selling the Radeon Fury X in liquid cooling dispute

Liquid cooling specialist Asetek has sent a cease and desist letter to AMD over the liquid cooling system in the R9 Fury X .

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Verizon rolls out Wi-Fi calling this week, but starts slow

Verizon is ready to roll out Wi-Fi calling starting December 8 as a complement to the carrier's wireless service.