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Peggy Watt, a longtime technology journalist, is a contributing editor to PCWorld and TechHive and a professor of journalism at Western Washington University.

weather service map

Coping with weather may require a change of computer

A meteorologist says the U.S. weather prediction system is insufficient because of an outdated commitment to certain equipment.


BlackBerry rescinds BBM's release after false start

BlackBerry is delaying the release of versions of BBM for Android and iOS after a leaked copy caused support problems.

Facebook Gifts returns to marketing only virtual goodies

Less than a year after launching Facebook Gifts, the social network is dropping physical items from the selection and focusing on gift cards, primarily its own.

DreamBots WheeMe

WheeMe robot offers a rolling massage (video)

Massage therapy gets automated with the WheeMe robot, which promises to caress and tickle as its wheels and small rotor run over your back.

How to get a free Ivy League education online

Leading universities welcome far-flung students for free education online.

Security tools safeguard mobile business, consumers, kids

A roundup of mobile security products introduced at a MobileCon event include software from Symantec, Strikeforce, NQ Mobile, and SecureAuth.

Next Kindle Fire: Buzz grows louder

Next Kindle Fire to have thinner bezel and front-facing camera, reports