Peggy WattContributing Editor, PCWorld

Peggy Watt, a longtime technology journalist, is a contributing editor to PCWorld and TechHive and a professor of journalism at Western Washington University.

Clearwire: 'You WILL be Assimilated'

It doesn't always pay to be an early adopter, as I battle Clearwire's robocalling army pushing an upgrade that occurred months ago.

Police Chief Shows Why Texting, Driving Don't Mix

It's illegal in some states, but most of us still text behind the wheel -- but this cop doesn't any more.


Seattle P-I Goes Strictly Digital

Seattle's oldest newspaper begins a new adventure as an online-only source of community news.

Seattle P-I Goes Online-Only

146-Year-Old Post-Intelligencer switches to an electronic edition, leaving Seattle with a single print daily in the face of economic adversity.

Kepler Launch: An Eyewitness Report

A Kepler-watcher describes the "flawless" launch of NASA's latest mission and the cheering crowds at a Florida park.

Google Updates Toolbar for IE

Beta 6 features Quick Search Box, redesigned tab page, and enhanced search suggestions (in 40 languages).

Inauguration: Help Capture the Moment

CNN and Microsoft tap Photosynth technology to create a participatory commemorative image of Obama's oath of office.


Consumer Gear Goes Green

Vendors scramble to show how eco-correct they are, but consumers want full functionality, too.

Extend DTV Deadline, FCC Commissioner Says

Public isn't "ready" for transition yet, but let's get ready for widespread broadband and other digital opportunities, Adelstein tells CES.


Snoopy Verizon Employees Fired

Any CIO knows you can't have staffers perusing records -- especially the president-elect's -- but this applies to all of us.