Angry Birds 'Most Copied Brand in China,' Developer Fine With This

Angry Birds developer Rovio has explained how it's not too concerned with fake Angry Birds products, particularly in China.

Five Recent Releases for People Who Have No Interest in Battlefield 3

Gaming has such huge breadth nowadays that not all games -- not even the big-name ones -- appeal to everyone. Pete rounds up some recent releases you might have missed in the recent media frenzy.

Games to Keep Eye on Following Golden Joystick Awards

Big winners include Portal 2, which picked up the Ultimate Game of the Year award, while The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was determined the "One to Watch."

Help OnLive Get to 62,791 Facebook Likes, Get a Game for $1

Cloud gaming service OnLive is recruiting the dark forces of social media to spread the word about its service -- and if you help out, there could be cheap games in it for you.

51% of Gamers 'Against 3D Consoles'

A study of 1,001 gamers conducted by games comparison marketplace aimed to discover players' attitudes towards 3D-enabled consoles.

Play a Mobile Game, Set a Guinness World Record

"Achievement Reward" network Kiip has partnered with Guinness World Records to get mobile gamers into the record books.

MIT Explores LGBT Content in Video Games

The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab seeks a means to present lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender content in an explorative and expressive, rather than dismissive, way.

Tetris Is Back Again, This Time on 3DS

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo's latest handheld is set to receive its own special version of Tetris, featuring more game modes than ever before.

Research: Study the Player, Not the Game

Video games alone aren't behind any elevated aggression and other negative effects; individual personalities play a significant role, researchers say.

Dragon Quest X World, Character Details Emerge

On the world Astoldia are four continents, each with a dominant race -- and more insights may come at the Tokyo Game Show.

Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone Gets Major Update

The iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies received a big update Thursday, bringing with it 9 new minigames from the PC/Mac original.

Could the PS4 Really Be On the Way?

Rumors are circulating regarding a possible successor to the PlayStation 3 within 18 months. Could there be any truth to them?

Buy Now, Pay Now, Pay Later -- Are Game Companies Ripping Us Off?

Is the growing use of "Season Passes" to games a smart way for gamers to save money on DLC, or an underhanded way for publishers to charge $90 for their games?