'End' Game Helps You Contemplate Your Mortality

Analysis: It's fun, but it's more than entertainment -- it's an opportunity for philosophical exploration.

Nintendo Applies for 'Massively Single Player' Patent

Nintendo is attempting to claim a patent for the curious concept of a "massively single player online game."

Investors Believe Nintendo Should Develop for Smartphones

Nintendo titles on iOS and Android devices? It might not be such a terrible idea -- and investors certainly seem to agree.

Play Mario Forever With HTML5 Infinite Mario

Can't get enough Mario? Then you need a Mario game that goes on forever. Enter the newly-HTML5ified Infinite Mario.

3 Million Copies of Minecraft Sold

Minecraft's creator announced in a tweet that the game has sold three million copies -- pretty impressive for a game that still isn't officially out yet.

Graphics With 'Unlimited Detail' Could Soon Be Reality

3D graphics have, for many years now, been based on the idea of polygons--flat shapes fitted together to form objects.

Battlefield 3 Will 'Probably' Feature an Online Pass

Developer DICE seems unsure over whether or not Battlefield 3 will feature EA's Online Pass system, but thinks that it will "probably" be present in some form.