'Violent Video Game Ban' Law Struck Down by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has struck down the Brown v. EMA case that would have banned selling "violent" games to children.

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Hackers Hit Sega

Game-maker says some personal information was compromised, but no payment details were exposed.

Play Your PS3 and Xbox On The Go

While it's hardly a handheld device, the Gaems G155 Portable Gaming System is ideal for gamers who want to take their consoles away with them.

LulzSec Continues Attacks

Hacker collective LulzSec is continuing its campaign of harassment to Internet users, including taking EVE Online down for a second time.

Steam Launches Free to Play Section

Free to play games are growing in popularity, and a new section on Steam aims to help gamers find new experiences for the low price of nothing at all.

Two Things the Wii U Doesn't Do

Eager gamers should be aware of some incompatibilities with earlier games.

The New New Xbox Experience

Microsoft has revealed the next evolution of the Xbox Dashboard, and it's built heavily around Kinect and online entertainment.

Mass Effect 3 to Feature Kinect Voice Recognition

At Microsoft's press conference, EA showed off Mass Effect 3 and announced it features Kinect support.

How to Get PlayStation Network Apology Freebies

Now that PSN is back, users are also eager to collect the company's gift of digital compensation for the downtime.

Nintendo DS Lite Drops to $99.99

From June 5, the DS Lite is getting a permanent price drop to under $100, and all Mario titles for the system are getting a prominent repackaging.

Duke Nukem Forever Goes Gold

They said it would never happen, and it nearly didn't--but after many, many long years of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever is finally finished.

Video Games Fuel Obesity, UK Tabloid Says

Analysis: UK tabloid newspaper The Sun claims that video games fuel obesity, but misreports the facts of the study it's using to prove its point.

Sony CEO Lashes Out at Critics Over PlayStation Network Hack

Howard Stringer was responding to criticism of Sony's weeklong delay between the PSN hack and notifying customers of the problem.

EA: We Don't Have a New Xbox

Last week, rumors circulated that EA already had its hands on the new Xbox hardware. Now, a representative of EA has denied the claims.

Report: EA Already Has New Xbox Hardware

Sources have told Develop that the new Xbox not only exists, but that EA already has its hands on it and is developing first-generation software.