Sony President Adds His Apology for PSN Outage

Howard Stringer has come out of hiding to offer a formal apology for the PSN disaster.

Sony Faces Another Lawsuit Over PlayStation Network Breach

The plaintiff claims Sony breached her privacy, and is suing the company and all its subsidiaries for $1 billion Canadian dollars.

Bit.Trip Saga Coming to Nintendo 3DS

The six retro-themed pixel-tastic Bit.Trip games are coming to the Nintendo 3DS in full 3D, promising "crushing difficulty" and "rhythmic galaxies."

Glu Partners With James Frey

Glu Mobile has announced a two year transmedia partnership with bestselling author James Frey's publishing company Full Fathom Five.

Hulu Plus Coming to Xbox

From tomorrow, Xbox 360 owners will be able to make use of Hulu's video-streaming service through their console.

Telltale Signs Xbox 360 Agreement

Prolific episodic games developer Telltale Games has announced that it's adding support for the Xbox 360 to its lineup.

Watch for Catherine -- She's High-Maintenance

The sexy puzzler Catherine is headed to North American shores. Is there a place for this type of game in today's industry?

Indie Games Not So Humble

The latest Humble Indie Bundle grossed over half a million dollars in just 48 hours, and Minecraft has made over $11 million so far. Indie gaming's here to stay.

Sex in Games: Is it Time to Grow Up?

BioShock developer Ken Levine recently described video game sex scenes as being closer to Team America than Black Swan. Is it time we grew up a bit?

Creativity Dead? Don't Take It Personally, Babe

It's easy to assume that the big business of the games industry stifles creativity. But every now and then something comes along to remind you all is not lost.

The Great Hacking Debate

Hackers believe that purchasing a device such as a PS3 or an iPhone gives you the right to do what you like with it, including jailbreaking it. Is it that simple?


Protect Eyes With Gaming Glasses--Even While Working

Makers of gaming eyeware are trying to attract a business clientele with what they call Digital Performance Eyewear.

Top Story: Will Wright's New Company Denied Access to E3

Sims creator Will Wright's new company, The Stupid Fun Club, has been denied a pass for E3.

Angry Birds Free for PC

Wednesday's Top Story is Angry Birds' continuing quest for world domination, this time by offering a free version for Windows PCs.

PC Gaming Stifled by Consoles, AMD Says

It seems barely a week goes by without one format or the other being accused of "dying" -- but are consoles really choking the life out of PC gaming?