New Android Phones Sneak Into View

Android-watchers predict an OS update and several new handsets running Google's smartphone technology.

WiMax Market Set to Slide Next Year

The market for WiMax is set to decline in 2009, as mobile WiMax is hit both by the economic squeeze and industry competition.

Kace Launches IPhone Management Software

Kace Networks has released an add-on module for its Kbox appliance that can manage iPhones used on a corporate network.

Analyst: WiMax Market Will Decline in 2009

The market for WiMax is predicted to decline in 2009, as mobile WiMax is hit both by the economic squeeze and competition from...

Pocket Hotspot Shares 3G Data

Novatel Wireless has launched a pocket device to share a 3G Internet connection over Wi-Fi, creating a "mobile cloud" of connectivity.

Broadcom Launches 802.11n Chip for Cell Phones

Broadcom has announced a single chip that combines 802.11n wireless LAN, Bluetooth and FM radio.

IEEE to Set up Patent Pools to Simplify Standards Adoption

The IEEE plans to set up "patent pool" licensing programs to get the standards it defines developed into products more quickly and cheaply.

Forum Says Femtocells to Boost Cellular Capacity Ten-fold

Forum says femtocells to boost cellular capacity ten-fold.

Workers Want Unified Communications

Users want unified communications - and the technology will actually save money in a recession, according to research...

Meru Looks to Make Wi-Fi as Reliable as Ethernet

On Monday, Meru Networks announced virtual ports, a technology designed to make Wi-Fi networks as reliable as wired Ethernet...

Meru Brings Virtual Ports to Wi-Fi

Meru announced Monday it is bringing virtual ports to Wi-Fi.

Huawei to Launch Android and Symbian Smartphones Next Year

Chinese network company Huawei Technologies is planning to launch smartphones based on the Android and Symbian OS.

Ruckus Upgrades Wireless LAN Wares

The revamped FlexMaster switch adds Layer 3 roaming to improve VoIP technology and greater capacity.

Standards Body Crafts Roaming Protocol

The IEEE's 802.11r standard sets protocol for Wi-Fi devices to roam quickly between access points, improving service.