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Peter Sayer covers open source software, European intellectual property legislation, and general technology breaking news for the IDG News Service.

Microsoft Agrees to Buy Skype for $8.5 Billion

Microsoft has agreed to buy Skype for $8.5 billion, the companies announced Tuesday.

US Court Approves Google's $900M Bid for Nortel Patents

Nortel Networks has obtained court approval to accept a US$900 million bid from Google for the entirety of its remaining patent portfolio, it said Monday.

CenturyLink to Buy Savvis for $2.5B

CenturyLink has agreed to buy hosting company Savvis for about US$2.5 billion in cash and shares, the companies announced Wednesday.

Nokia Hands Symbian OS Work and 3,000 Employees to Accenture

Nokia will outsource its Symbian software activities to Accenture, transferring 3,000 employees to the company in the process, as it moves its focus to making...

Google Fined €100K for Street View Collection of Wi-Fi Data

Google must pay a fine of €100,000 (US$142,000) for the unauthorized collection of information about the location of Wi-Fi hotspots in France by its Street View...

French Gov't Gives More Details of Hack: 150 PCs Compromised

The French National IT Systems Security Agency has released further details of the recent attack on French government computers, saying they were targeted by...

Hackers Targeted French Gov't Computers for G20 Secrets

IT staff spent the weekend in a massive clean-up operation to remove traces of a "spectacular" attack on computers at Bercy, the headquarters of the French...

Germany Identifies a Secure Way to Deal With Spam

In theory, stopping spam is easy: just make it uneconomic to send millions of messages by charging for each one sent, or make senders authenticate their identity...

Capgemini Consulting Readies 'a New Kind of Consulting'

Capgemini Consulting, a specialist in strategy and transformation, is about to transform its own strategy for the second time in two years. To cope with the...

Security: Never Mind the Products, Educate the Users

If they could change one thing to improve IT security, the assembled experts on a panel at Cebit would better educate their users.

Buffalo Terastations Push Limits of Atom Platform

Buffalo Technology is bumping up against the limits of Intel's Atom platform with its forthcoming six- and eight-bay Terastation NAS (network attached storage)...

Archos Launches Color E-reader, Android Tablet for €129

French media player manufacturer Archos picked Cebit to launch a color e-reader with a 7-inch touch-sensitive screen, and also announced the first tablet devices...

Wireless Tech Saves Energy - and Makes Better Mousetrap

Tucked in a dark corner of the Cebit trade show, in Hall 2, lies a mousetrap. Not just any old mousetrap, but a wireless-enabled one.

Look, No Hands! G.tec Uses Brain Interface to Tweet

Austrian company Guger Technologies (g.tec) has developed a brain-computer interface that can be used to "type" short text messages simply by staring at letters.