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google delists search results

France fines Google for not being forgetful enough

The French data protection authority has fined Google €100,000 for failing to implement the so-called right to be forgotten as it ordered.

ad blocker blocker

French publishers are cracking down on adblock users

France declared war on freeloaders this week, as the Paris Métro cracked down on ticket fraud and the nation's newspapers formed a bloc against ad-blockers. But it seems freeloading does still pay.

michel combes and xavier drilhon

Startup Sigfox wins over a carrier as new radios battle for the future of IoT

Altice, a network operator active in the U.S. and across Europe, is betting on French company Sigfox to expand its machine-to-machine business, even as it tests LTE-M, a narrowband version of the 4G standard slimmed down for the Internet of Things.

software development

Micro Focus to buy dev-ops shop Serena in $540M deal

Micro Focus hopes to boost its dev-ops chops with the acquisition of application lifecycle management specialist Serena Software.

telekom security

Deutsche Telekom to boost security offering for European enterprises

Deutsche Telekom is introducing new services to help prevent "bring your own device" from turning into "bring your own disaster" for corporate networks.

cardiosecur closeup

CardioSecur wants to turn your smartphone into an electrocardiogram machine

CardioSecur has just four wires but can provide the same results as a "12-lead" ECG (which confusingly uses just 10 wires), or even a 22-lead one taken at the doctor's office.

patchbox focus on rack

This one patch panel trick will make all your cables the right length

PatchBox cables automatically adjust to the distance between your patch panel and your server shelf.

deutsche telekom open telekom cloud

For Germany's cloud providers, it's location, location, location

German telecos are rolling out new cloud services this week to compete with those from the big U.S. providers. Their selling point is location -- though their “home grown” infrastructure is still dependent on technology from U.S. and Chinese suppliers.

digiwell business card transfer

Digiwell's implanted NFC chip lets you open doors with a wave of your hand

Forget learning lock-picking: At Cebit, Digiwell will fit you with an NFC chip that will let you open doors without a key.

hpe avatar scanner

HPE offers new business model for fashion, fitness and gaming businesses

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a new business model for the clothing retail, fitness and PC gaming industries: Get into the modeling business.

vodafone gigabit network

After New York, gigabit public Wi-Fi comes to Berlin

New York got its first taste of free gigabit Wi-Fi in January, when CityBridge turned on its first LinkNYC hotspots. Now it's Berlin's turn.

nadia risse and jorg keller

Vodafone readies pan-European virtual private cloud service for SMEs

Small businesses with global ambitions will soon have a new cloud partner -- at least wherever Vodafone has data centers.

padlock and chain, security

Mizuho Bank speeds international securities transactions using blockchain

Japan's Mizuho Bank is considering using blockchain technology to speed the cross-border transfer of financial instruments.

national assembly votes antiterrorism bill

French legislators want to compel companies to decrypt data, because terrorism

Legislators in France are trying to make the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation jealous of their French counterparts.

gogo aix hamburg 2014 266 web

Gogo buys more satellite capacity after lawsuit over slow in-flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Internet provider Gogo plans to boost access speeds after a legal spat with customer American Airlines over slow service.