Peter SayerParis Bureau Chief, IDG News Service

Peter Sayer covers open source software, European intellectual property legislation, and general technology breaking news for the IDG News Service.

Google Demos Editing of Google Docs in Microsoft Office

Google is developing a way for Microsoft Office users to edit documents collaboratively without using Microsoft Sharepoint.

Google Adds Two-Factor Authentication Option to Google Apps

Google added a two-factor authentication option to Google Apps on Monday, allowing enterprises to protect user accounts with a one-time code.

Report: DOJ Nears Deal With Tech Firms on Staff Poaching

The U.S. Department of Justice is nearing a settlement with technology vendors including Apple, Google and others over an investigation of their hiring...

Google Plans Research Center in France

Google will open a research center in France in part to allay French concerns about the company's influence on culture.

Nokia Names Microsoft's Elop as New CEO

Nokia has named Stephen Elop, former president of Microsoft's business software group, to become its new CEO effective from later this month.

Stephen Elop: Listening Will Be Task Number One at Nokia

Stephen Elop plans no immediate changes at Nokia, he said in a news conference Friday.

Jonathan Schwartz's New Business Is a Picture of Health

Jonathan Schwartz has started a new company, Informed Biometry, with a focus on improving public health through Web-based software

Ciena's Loss Deepens After Nortel Metro Ethernet Acquisition

Ciena plunged deeper into the red after buying Nortel's metro Ethernet business, reporting revenue of $390M and a net loss of $110M for the quarter to July 31

Secret Copyright Treaty Draft Leaked After Washington Talks

The latest leaked draft of the secret ACTA copyright treaty sets out some fundamental principles -- and then offers to change them to match the negotiated text

3M Offers $943M for Biometric Security Vendor Cogent Systems

3M has agreed to buy biometric access control systems vendor Cogent for around US$943 million in cash

Dell Matches HP's $27 Offer, Is Accepted by 3PAR

UPDATE: After intense bidding, 3PAR accepts Dell's raised offer to acquire the storage technology firm.

HP Ups 3PAR Bid to $30 per Share, Tops Dell's Latest

HP is now offering $30 per share for storage vendor 3PAR.

Dell Matches HP's $27 Offer, Is Accepted by 3PAR

3PAR has accepted a raised offer from Dell of $27 per share, matching HP's earlier raised bid. 3PAR's board has updated its earlier merger agreement with Dell...

Court Must Reconsider EU Parallel-import Server Sales Ruling

U.K. server reseller M-Tech has been granted the right to appeal a court ruling preventing it from selling parallel imports of Sun Microsystems equipment.

Google Street View Cars Back Too Soon, Says French Watchdog

Google has resumed collection of Street View image data in France, annoying the French data protection registrar which is still investigating the service.