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Beyond bitcoin: 5 things you need to know about blockchain technology

Talk of blockchain technology is everywhere, it seems -- but what is it, and what does it do?

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Hyperlinking to unlawfully published copyright images is still legal, says top European judge

Publishing hyperlinks to photos from, say, Playboy magazine is legal -- even if the website linked to doesn't have permission to publish the images, a top European Union judge has said.

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Facebook takes a guess at what's in pictures to help visually impaired

With images an ever-growing proportion of what we share on social networks, Facebook fears that users with visual impairments may be missing out.


BlackBerry makes BBM's paid privacy features free

With privacy and secrecy functions a given in competing messaging systems, BlackBerry is dropping the subscription fee for users of the 'retract' and 'timer' functions of its cross-platform BBM messaging app.

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EU looks to autonomous vehicles to restart stalled road safety program

The European Union is looking to connected vehicles and autonomous driving to reduce traffic fatalities, after a disappointing year for road safety.

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IBM to buy consulting specialist Bluewolf

IBM sees customers of as key to growing revenue at its Global Business Services consulting division.

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With Sharp deal, contractor Foxconn is buying a global brand

Foxconn, the faceless contractor that assembles many Apple products, is moving up the manufacturing stack with an acquisition that will give it a global consumer brand.

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Total cranks up computing power to see more clearly below earth's surface

Oil company Total has almost tripled the performance of Pangea, a supercomputer it uses for analyzing subsurface imaging in search of new oilfields.

google delists search results

France fines Google for not being forgetful enough

The French data protection authority has fined Google €100,000 for failing to implement the so-called right to be forgotten as it ordered.

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French publishers are cracking down on adblock users

France declared war on freeloaders this week, as the Paris Métro cracked down on ticket fraud and the nation's newspapers formed a bloc against ad-blockers. But it seems freeloading does still pay.

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Startup Sigfox wins over a carrier as new radios battle for the future of IoT

Altice, a network operator active in the U.S. and across Europe, is betting on French company Sigfox to expand its machine-to-machine business, even as it tests LTE-M, a narrowband version of the 4G standard slimmed down for the Internet of Things.

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Micro Focus to buy dev-ops shop Serena in $540M deal

Micro Focus hopes to boost its dev-ops chops with the acquisition of application lifecycle management specialist Serena Software.

telekom security

Deutsche Telekom to boost security offering for European enterprises

Deutsche Telekom is introducing new services to help prevent "bring your own device" from turning into "bring your own disaster" for corporate networks.

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CardioSecur wants to turn your smartphone into an electrocardiogram machine

CardioSecur has just four wires but can provide the same results as a "12-lead" ECG (which confusingly uses just 10 wires), or even a 22-lead one taken at the doctor's office.

patchbox focus on rack

This one patch panel trick will make all your cables the right length

PatchBox cables automatically adjust to the distance between your patch panel and your server shelf.