Peter SayerParis Bureau Chief, IDG News Service

Peter Sayer covers open source software, European intellectual property legislation, and general technology breaking news for the IDG News Service.

Bull Bills Tera 100 as Europe's First Petaflop Computer

Bull has just turned on a new supercomputer for the French Atomic Energy Authority that it hopes will reach a peak performance of 1.25 petaflops later this year

Google Street View Faces Investigation in France and Italy

Data protection authorities in France and Italy will investigate Google's Street View service, following the company's admission that it recorded Wi-Fi traffic

Appeals Body Ducks Question of Software Patentability

The European Patent Office's Enlarged Body of Appeal has ducked four questions referred to it, leaving rules on software patentability unchanged.

UN to Buy 500,000 OLPC Laptops for Palestinian Children

One Laptop Per Child delivered 2,100 laptops to a United Nations project that aims to give half a million Palestinian children access to the computersby 2012

ICANN Approves First Four Internationalized Country Domains

ICANN has approved the first four IDN ccTLDs, country-code domain names written in non-Latin script.

CenturyTel to Buy Qwest for $10.6B

Telecommunications carrier CenturyTel has agreed to buy Qwest Communications International for around US$10.6 billion.

SAP Plans to Acquire Compliance Software Vendor TechniData

SAP plans to acquire Technidata, the company that develops and maintains its environmental, health and safety compliance software module.

Gov't Regulators Call on Google to Respect Users' Privacy

Ten national privacy regulators have slammed Google for its lack of respect for online privacy

Spam Volumes Grew 6 Percent Last Year, Says Google

Security researchers have won a few battles against spam, but spam is still winning the war, with volumes up 6 percent year on year, according to Google

European Union, France to Consult on Net Neutrality

The European Commission will launch a public consultation on the issue of network neutrality this quarter.

MITS Founder and Altair Inventor Ed Roberts Dies Aged 68

Henry Edward Roberts, designer of the Altair 8800 personal computer that inspired Bill Gates and Paul Allen to enter the software business, has died aged 68.

Exalead Creates Automatic Searchable Speech Transcripts

Exalead delivers searchable transcripts of videos of Nicolas Sarkozy's speeches on the French presidential Web site

GSMA Launches SMS Spam Reporting Service

The GSM Association is promoting a system that will let mobile operators "crowd-source" spam reports from customers, to help curb spam in text messages.

New Version of Secret Copyright Treaty Text Leaked

A leaked document appears to have brought a swift response to calls from the European Commission and the New Zealand government on Monday for greater...

Acer Adds HDMI Input to K11 Pico Projector

Acer's K11 Pico Projector fits VGA and HDMI ports into a package weighing 610 grams. It will go on sale by late April, Acer staff at Cebit said.