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Reports: Internet Attacks Traced to Chinese Schools

Security experts investigating Internet attacks on Google and other companies say computers at Chinese schools may have been involved, say media reports

French Net Filtering Plan Moves Forward

French lawmakers voted Tuesday to approve a draft law to filter Internet traffic, a measure the government says is intended to catch child pornographers.

Google CEO Has No Plans to Compete With Mobile Operators

Google's focus is Web search advertising and enterprise software, not running broadband or mobile phone networks, its CEO said at the Mobile World Congress.

Buffering: Google Readies Flash for Android Devices

Google will soon add the capability to play Flash videos to its Android mobile phone operating system.

Smartphone OS Leaves One Hand Free

Israeli company Else has developed a smartphone designed to be operated with only one hand. It plans to sell it from mid-year.


Microsoft CEO Unveils Windows Phone 7 Series Software

Microsoft unveiled the next version of its operating system for mobile phones, Windows Phone 7 Series, featuring a move away from applications and towards...


Microsoft CEO unveils Windows Phone 7

The new OS for phones features a completely new interface that focuses on real-time updates


French Lawmakers to Vote on Net Filtering Next Tuesday

A French government plan to filters the Internet, intended to catch child pornographers, won't succeed but will cause collateral damage, say critics

Alcatel-Lucent's Q4 Profit Fails to Erase Full-year Loss

Alcatel-Lucent made a small profit in the fourth quarter, despite weaker-than-expected revenue, but remained in the red for the full year

Sun CEO Schwartz Tweets Poetic Lament on Last Day

Jonathan Schwartz announced his resignation as CEO of Sun Microsystems in a message sent via Twitter early Thursday.

Motorola Reports a Small Profit, Held Back by Phone Sales

Motorola's fourth-quarter sales fell 20 percent year-on-year, but the company still made out a small profit, unhampered by the exceptional charges that plunged...

Motorola Reports a Small Q4 Profit, Held Back by Phone Sales

Motorola's fourth-quarter sales fell 20 percent year-on-year, and phone shipments fell 38 percent, but the company still made out a small profit.


SAP Q4 Revenue Sinks 9 Percent, Net Income Drops 12 Percent

SAP's revenue and net income for the fourth quarter fell compared to a year earlier, but the company is more optimistic about the year ahead.

Microsoft and HP CEOs to Announce Joint Investment

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard will invest together to prepare customers for "the next generation of business computing" related to IT infrastructure software

President Sarkozy Adds His Support to French Google Tax Plan

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has added his support to a proposal to tax Google and other online advertising networks