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How to stream the Academy Awards (maybe)

ABC will live-stream the 2014 Academy Awards presentations, but to a limited number of markets through a limited selection of services.

PlayStation 4 countdown begins, details emerge

Tidbits are emerging from Sony's Tokyo Game Show about the PlayStation 4 launch and functions, as well as some bits about Xbox One.


Reports of Nook's death have been greatly exaggerated

Barnes & Noble has apparently reversed its trend toward partnering on Nook hardware and will keep building (and cutting the prices of) its e-readers.

Xbox One controller

Microsoft, Gamestop team to smooth Xbox One adoption

An upgrade program for Xbox games enables you to buy games for the Xbox 360 edition now and upgrade when the Xbox One comes out.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: Can't they both be winners?

Rivalry is fine, but the worst thing for gaming would be for either the PlayStation or the Xbox platform to destroy its competition.

Microsoft Xbox navigates the revolving door of public opinion

Microsoft can't seem to catch a break with gamers; every bit of good news seems to be followed by bad. Let's review.

google, snapseed

Google buys photo editor Snapseed

Google on Monday acquired Nik Software, the German company behind Snapseed, a popular iOS photo app.

android malware

Half of all Android devices vulnerable to malware due to outdated software

Duo Security, which markets the X-Ray app, reports that more than half of the 20,000 Android devices its software scanned are vulnerable to known malware, primarily because they're running older versions of the operating system or security applications. But Google doesn't update the OS on all devices, so some will miss out on patches.

Kindle Fire HD reviews are in: Better, but not the best tablet at any price

Initial reviews of the Kindle Fire HD indicate that the tablet's operating system still needs some work.

Toys 'R' Us $150 Android tablet for kids to battle Kindle Fire

Toys R Us is introducing a new $150 tablet just for kids.

Amazon rolls out an iPad challenger in Kindle Fire HD

Amazon is clearly taking on the iPad with its new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, which at $499 directly challenges the third-generation iPad. In a comparison of features, content, and costs, Amazon's entry is a good rival; but of course Apple isn't standing still.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. the world: Spec showdown

Nokia's newly introduced Lumia 920 is the company's next best hope to woo smartphone users away from Android and iPhone handsets and over to the world of Windows Phone 8. How does it hold up against its competition? We take a look.

Gamestop to discontinue PlayStation 2 software sales

The retailer wants to make room for Wii U software this year, and anticipates needing room for Xbox 720 and PlayStation 3 software in 2013 and beyond.

Galaxy Note II Thumb

Samsung Galaxy Note II is the ruler of big-screen phones

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has the biggest screen of all, at 5.5 inches.

Sony's first 4K HDTV is an 84-inch behemoth

Offering four times the pixel density of a 1080p TV and a screen that measures 84 inches diagonally, the 4K XBR-84X900 should cost a pretty penny.