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How to stream the Academy Awards (maybe)

ABC will live-stream the 2014 Academy Awards presentations, but to a limited number of markets through a limited selection of services.


Reports of Nook's death have been greatly exaggerated

Barnes & Noble has apparently reversed its trend toward partnering on Nook hardware and will keep building (and cutting the prices of) its e-readers.

Microsoft Xbox navigates the revolving door of public opinion

Microsoft can't seem to catch a break with gamers; every bit of good news seems to be followed by bad. Let's review.


Comcast Rolls Out 305 Mbps Internet Service, Fueled by Verizon FiOS

The new speed offerings underscore the need for there to be more competition in the cable TV and Internet service space.

Streaming Services Increase Pressure on TV

More choices in original programming are surfacing on Hulu and PlayStation 3. Who needs TV?


Amazon Service Hints of Kindle Fire Update

Analysis: The appearance of GameCircle offers more evidence that a Kindle Fire 2 is arriving soon.


Journalist Questions Felicia Day's Relevance, Internet Explodes

One young journalist learned the power of social networking over the weekend. Said lesson ended with him out of a job.

Chatter of Kindle Fire Update Steals Nexus 7's Spotlight

Analysis: More speculation seeps out about a skinny, 10-inch Amazon tablet and more robust Kindle Fire to be unveiled in July.

What's Next with Gaming Consoles

Analysis: Word is that Sony will be first to market with the PlayStation 4, and that Microsoft's Xbox 720 has 16 cores to entice gamers.

Games Get a Kickstart

Crowdsourcing site enables fans and friends to finance development of the next chapter of favorite but stalled games.

How the Retina Display Gave an Android User iPad Envy

Analysis: The new iPad's Retina display has ruined Android for me. Here's the deal.

Quad-Core Android Tablet Costing $200 May Arrive This Summer

If this rumor is true, the big question is: Can a Nexus Tablet compete with the Kindle Fire and the next iPad?


Samsung's Overpriced Tablets Are Not Selling Very Well

A Samsung exec says the company isn't finding much success with tablets, a day before their latest overpriced device launch date is announced.


Resolve to Exercise Your Brain with Lumosity

In 2012 you're going to eat better, lose weight and exercise your body, right? Well don't forget about exercising your brain! I took brain-training service Lumosity for a test drive, and enjoyed the experience.

Google's Tough Week

Analysis: Its users are unhappy with Reader changes, the iOS Gmail app is pulled; what next?