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In Praise of Netflix

I've looked into replacements for Netflix and have come up mostly empty-handed. No competitor matches up.


YouTube Original Content Channels Expected Soon

Analysis: Some technical upgrades are in order before YouTube tries to expand its programming.


Borrowing Kindle E-Books: A Hands-On Guide

You can take notes, highlight passages and so on, and Amazon will hold on to that information so If you return the book and then take it out again (or purchase a copy), all your info will still be there.


Gamefly's PC Game Rental Service: Is There Really an Audience?

The PC gaming digital distribution world is certainly getting crowded.

Redbox Rolls Out Video Game Rentals Via Kiosk

The video store in a box Redbox has expanded their selection to include games. Finally.

Chrome OS Bound for Tablets -- Why?

Analysis: Chrome's limitations keep it from being the best choice to run a tablet.


Canadian ISP Throttles World of Warcraft Players

Analysis: Blizzard Updater's bit-torrent method triggers data caps.

Amazon Tablets and the War for the Digital Consumer

Speculation about an Amazon Tablet focuses on Amazon's fight with Apple but it's just one battle in a broader war that Amazon is waging with just about everyone.


How Will Amazon Roll Out Its App Store on Tuesday?

All signs point to Amazon launching its Android App Store this Tuesday, but how will people get the app on their handsets?


News Corp.'s The Daily Headed to Android

When the app launched, Rupert Murdoch seemed to imply it would be exclusive to the iPad for the duration of this year and next.


How the Android Stole Christmas

Analysis: A holiday tale of the missing tablets (despite a promising start in January 2010).


Streaming Game Services in the News: OnLive, Gaikai, Gamestring

It's the time of the year to talk about video games--especially streaming video games.

Microsoft: Swastikas Will Remain Banned from Xbox Live

The Swastika may have a long and storied history as a good symbol, but it's still associated with the Nazis.

Hulu Plus Now Available to All: What You Need to Know Before Signing Up

Before you bite the bullet and get Hulu Plus--read this.