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Would You Believe...Get Smart's Cone of Silence is Real

British pizza chain Pizza Express plans to install science fiction-like cones of silence (okay, soundproof domes) in iPizzeria stores.

Logitech's Google TV Box Gets Turned on This Friday

October 6 event will introduce Logitech's line of products that support Google TV.


Sony Move Arrives: A Hands-Waving Report

Analysis: Is Sony's motion-controller just a Wii-too product?

Apple Event: Why iTV isn't a Game-Changer

Analysis: The launch -- if it even occurs next week -- is only the first step of a long journey to replace cable.


Playboy Plays a New Game

After launching The Smoking Jacket, a marginally safe-for-work website, Playboy expects to launch a new gaming label by the end of 2010.

Apple iMac Touch-Screen Patent: Brilliant Concept or Crazy Idea?

A January 2010 patent describes an iMac-like device that switches from OS X to iOS based on orientation -- a patent that poses more questions than it answers.

Windows Phone 7: Microsoft Talks Games at Gamescom

According to the buzz at Gamescom in Cologne, all the things that Redmond promised way back last February are going to be ready for launch.


Dude, Where's My Android Tablet?

We're almost halfway through Q3 of 2010, yet the deluge of Android tablets has yet to arrive -- here's a roundup of what's been going on.


The Verizon iPhone Rumor Mill Keeps Churning

TechCrunch and Electronista provide a couple of possibly vital clues in the whole Verizon/iPhone saga.


Will Droid 2 Make Droid Obsolete?

Analysis: With Droid 2 news seeping out, is there hope for the early adopters of the first model?


Where are All the Android Tablets?

Vendors promised we'd be awash in Android-powered tablets this year; what's the holdup?


Hulu Plus Arrives, So What's Next?

Analysis: Users might be willing to pay a little more for a premium edition that lacks ads.


Borders' E-Book Store: From Browsing Titles to Reading Books

Border's is the last major bookseller in the US to get their e-book house in order. Are they too late to carve out a niche? Possibly.


Sony Japan Reveals New PS3 Models, Move Launch Titles

While PS3 fans worldwide salivate, there has been no official word on whether new models be released elsewhere.

PlayStation Plus: Worth Paying For?

Sony's new PlayStation Plus service delivers plenty for the price, but it may not be the content you want.