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Netflix on PS3: An In-Depth Look at Streaming App Update

Netflix streaming on the PS3 got a stealthy update yesterday -- here are the results of one test drive.


Physical Media's Sell-by Date Is Fast Approaching

Whether it be books, tv, movies, music or games, there's been good news for digital media aficionados this week! Are the days of physical media numbered?


Where are All the Android Tablets?

Vendors promised we'd be awash in Android-powered tablets this year; what's the holdup?


Google Pumps Money into Zynga, Plans Social Gaming Service

Sources say the company that makes Farmville and other popular Facebook games will be the cornerstone of a service called Google Games, set to launch later this year.

Hulu Plus Arrives, So What's Next?

Analysis: Users might be willing to pay a little more for a premium edition that lacks ads.


Borders' E-Book Store: From Browsing Titles to Reading Books

Border's is the last major bookseller in the US to get their e-book house in order. Are they too late to carve out a niche? Possibly.


Sony Japan Reveals New PS3 Models, Move Launch Titles

While PS3 fans worldwide salivate, there has been no official word on whether new models be released elsewhere.

PlayStation Plus: Worth Paying For?

Sony's new PlayStation Plus service delivers plenty for the price, but it may not be the content you want.

Google TV Finds its First Champion

Analysis: Logitech's Google TV box named; expect it to control your life this fall.


OnLive Game Streaming Service Launches — But Not for All

I pre-registered for the service back on May 30th, when pre-reg first opened up, but I haven’t heard anything about my account being open.

Logitech's Google TV Box Named; Will Control Your Life This Fall

Google TV now has at least one real retail product firmed up: the Logitech Revue, scheduled to ship this fall. This is a set-top box that’s supposed to bring the Google TV experience to your existing home entertainment center.


Nintendo Reveals 3DS Handheld Gaming System at E3

The past few years, Nintendo has taken some heat for ignoring the so-called 'core gamer' and aiming its press conferences at the casual market. Not so this year.

How Many Gamers Plan to Buy Natal or Move?

Survey reveals 8 percent of Xbox gamers say they intend to buy Natal and only six percent said they would buy Sony's Move motion detection gaming accessory.

Nintendo 3DS Not Running on Tegra After All?

Eurogamer is reporting that they've got two unconnected sources saying that there's no Tegra chip in the 3DS. Instead, an as yet unspecified chip from a Japanese partner will be powering the 3DS.

Kno: Big, Dual-Screen Tablet Debuts at D8

The target audience is students; if Kno (the company) has its way, students will be carrying around a Kno (the device) rather than a stack of textbooks.