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Bach and Allard Both Leave Microsoft — Coincidence?

What this means for the future of the Xbox line isn't clear, but the fall launch of Project Natal is still on schedule, as far as we know.

NY Times' Android App Makes a Mockery of iPad Version

The New York Times released version 1.0 of its Android application and it's a great example of how newspapers can deliver content to mobile devices.


Google Editions Could Have 4 Million E-Books

OK, 4 million titles is impressive -- but am I the only one confused about what exactly Google Editions is?


Apple iPad: Love at First Sight, No Buyer's Remorse

Before launch, a lot of people wondered what the iPad was for. Here is one skeptic's account of how the iPad is now used in his house.


Facebook Plots its Future: Will it Be Our Overlord?

I always thought of Facebook as a place to visit when I had time to kill, but that’s not what the people behind the social network want it to be.

Google Rolls Out Two New Twitter Tools

One tool heps you see a term's popularity on Twitter over time; the other is a is fairly typical tool of the "find people to follow" variety.

Hands-on: Netflix Streaming on the Wii

Analysis: Navigation is better than streaming on other consoles, but you'll miss the HD>


JooJoo Tablet PC Is Doomed

After a lawsuit, numerous delays, and only a handful of pre-orders, Fusion Garage's JooJoo should appear just a day before Apple's iPad.