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I'm a writer and editor for, after having survived 17 years in the corporate wild as a software/web developer, technical lead and project manager.

In my spare time these days, when I'm not chauffeuring my daughters to and from school, lessons and Justin Bieber movies (ugh), I enjoy drawing cartoons, tweeting and taking pictures of cranes.

How hackathons can become more female-friendly

Women seem particularly scarce at hackathons; this nonscientific survey offers suggestions for making them feel more welcome.

LED displays for Rear Window Captioning in the NCAM lab

Lab strives to keep tech accessible to all users

From Julia Child to mobile devices, the National Center for Accessible Media cooks up ways to keep technology accessible to people with disabilities.


Who Owns Your Twitter Account?

Analysis: Take my Twitter account -- please! Employers' policies are often unclear when it comes to social media account ownership.

Steve Jobs Balloon Bobs Along Central Park

Thanksgiving cartoon by Phil Johnson.

In-Flight Wi-Fi is on Google; Nuts are on You

Oh, airlines.