The Apple II Gains Eternal Life in the Web Browser

Thanks to the AppleIIGo Java Applet

YouTube is a Thousand Times More Interesting than Television

The diversity of content makes YouTube a thousand times more interesting than television.


Take Me Out to Ubuntu

Wherein I fondly remember time spent with my grandfather

A Great Time for the Gates Foundation to Embrace Linux

Because diversity in operating systems gives strength to our communities

Creative Commons Aloft

Musicians, authors, animators and others ought to have an easy way to support the Creative Commons.

My Thoughts About the "Day of Community Service"

Maybe we're expecting too much of people.

Should Public Libraries be Welcoming Homes for Ingenuity?

Ingenuity has not traditionally found a home in public libraries, but could ingenuity take up residence within a public library?

Lawrence Lessig Proposes "Innovation Environment Protection Agency"

The FCC no longer serves the needs of the public and a new agency is needed to replace it

An Easy Way to Introduce Inkscape Drawing Program to Youth and Adults

This YouTube video shows you the ropes

Paul Simon's Heir - Dan Hardin - Revealed on YouTube

YouTube gives a glimpse of rising musical talent. Keep your eye on Dan Hardin. He's a gem.


The Difference Between Vista, XP, Linux and Mac OS Explained

Wherein a middle school student asks me to explain the difference in simple terms. I do just that.


New Haven Nonprofit Needs 150 Monitors

Consider donating technology to worthy causes in this holiday season and beyond.