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Philip has covered the Mac market since 1999, with a focus on the iPhone, iPad and iOS in recent years. In all that time, he has never tested a fart app.

Domestic calls through Gmail to remain free in 2013

Google says that Gmail users in the U.S. and Canada will still be able to place voice calls through the web-based email service for free through 2013.

Five great holiday updates to popular iOS games

Chances are, your favorite iOS game is sporting a new look for the holidays. Here are five that caught our eye.


Apple, HTC settle smartphone patent fight

The two companies announced an end to all disputes involving each other's patents, as they reached a 10-year licensing agreement covering all current and future patents.


Ignore that email -- Nook HD shipping as expected

Some people who ordered a Nook HD or HD+ got an inbox scare on Friday when they received an email warning them that their tablet order wouldn't ship until December. Barnes & Noble says that email went out by mistake.

Video Game Movies: Best triumphs and worst fails

Wreck-It Ralph may draw heavy inspiration from video games, but it's not the first movie to do so. Our staff looks at the hits and misses -- mostly misses -- of when games jump from consoles and handhelds to the big screen.

MLB.TV cuts prices to celebrate 10 years of streaming video

Baseball fans who'd like to enjoy live video of games on their computer or mobile device for the rest of the 2012 season need to get in the game: An MLB.TV Premium subscription costs just $10 through Monday night.

You Should Play: Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower has been around for a while on both the iOS and Android platforms. But constant improvements from developer NimbleBit has made this sim game one worth keeping on your mobile device.

Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast for iPhone and iPad

While it deserves credit for integrating features like augmented reality and location awareness into a combat game, Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast stumbles when it comes to gameplay.

SpellTower for iPhone and iPad

You build words from lettered tiles in SpellTower, a simple-looking word game that offers a fun amount of challenge in its different game modes.

Flick Champions World Edition for iPhone and iPad

If you've got Olympic fever, this fun sports game lets you enjoy some athletic glory with just the flick of a finger.

Fix This App: Twitter

Twitter would seem to enjoy a home-field advantage when it comes to building a mobile app for its microblogging service. But the Twitter app for both Android and iOS comes up short in several areas.

Bucketz for iPhone and iPad

There's a lot going on in this physics puzzler -- perhaps too much, in fact. The frenetic, fast-paced Bucketz feels more like an assault on your senses than a pleasant way to pass the time.

Disc Drivin' for iPhone and iPad

Asynchronous turn-based games are quite popular for the iPhone and iPad, but racing games really don't translate well to this slower-paced, casual format.

National Parks by National Geographic for iPhone and iPad

This app contains information and photographs featuring 20 national parks. It's a decent offering on the iPhone, but it's really impressive to see what National Geographic does with the iPad's larger screen.

You Should Play: Ski Safari

For endless side-scrolling fun on either iOS or Android devices, it's hard to top Ski Safari. Philip Michaels explains the game's appeal.