Italian Class Action to Sue Over Preinstalled Windows

Group seeks money back from unwanted software.

Italian Police Arrest Hacker Sought for Fraud

Italian police have arrested an alleged hacker who is accused of defrauding banks and mobile phone operators out of several million dollars.

Italy Scrutinizes Google News for Antitrust Violations

A newspaper group's complaint prompts an antitrust investigation.

Google Cuts Online Book Deals with European Libraries

Even with legal challenges in the U.S., Google prepares to expand its book digitization program, seeking agreements with public libraries in France and Italy.

Police Track Hackers Accused of Stealing Carrier Services

Police say an international team of hackers stole phone time from AT&T and other carriers.

Italian Courts Target Pirate Bay

A prosecutor is expected to seek trial of The Pirate Bay founders, who were just convicted in Sweden.

Victim of Bullying Video Drops Google Case

Italian trial continues over Google's hosting of videos that allegedly violate privacy law.


Venice Takes Tourism Services Online

By booking museum visits and other visitor services online, the city hopes to ease congestion for its 20 million annual tourists.

Pope Praises Potential of New Technologies

Vatican's YouTube Channel recognizes the role of digital technologies in dialogue, friendship, and evangelization.


Pope Reaches Out on YouTube

The Vatican will be sending religious messages from the Vatican via YouTube.

Venice Provides Free Internet Access to Newborns

Venice will become the first city in the world to provide newborn residents with free Internet access.

Judge Blocks Access to Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay cannot be reached in Italy after a judge's ruling barred ISPs in the country from accessing the file-sharing site.