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E-voting comes of age in Italy with Venice independence referendum

The website aimed to replicate the system used by Norway in its 2011 municipal elections


Italian police investigate Skype use for 'porno blackmail'

And, believe it or not, the trend is a growing phenomenon.

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Locked Apple iPhone code blocks Italian murder probe

Police have been stymied in attempts to obtain code to unlock the iPhone of a woman murdered last July.

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Italian Supreme Court upholds acquittals in Googe video bullying case

The court ruling ends the case three years after executives were conviced of violating privacy laws.

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NSA spies on Italians from roof of US Embassy in Rome, magazine reports

The allegations are based on documents the magazine says were provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden

Police arrest Anonymous suspects in Italy

Italian police arrested four suspected hackers Friday, accusing them of having taken control of the Italian branch of the Anonymous network.

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Italian court overturns Google executives' privacy convictions

A Milan appeals court has overturned the conviction of three Google managers for violating Italy's privacy laws by allowing the posting of a video showing the bullying of a handicapped student.

Italian Court Upholds Apple Warranty Fine

An Italian court has upheld a $1.2 million fine imposed on Apple by Italy's competition authority for allegedly violating consumer protection laws.

Apple Loses First Appeal in Italian Warranty Case

A Rome court has upheld a $1.2 million fine imposed on Apple by Italy's Antitrust Authority for circumventing consumer protection laws, similar to others in the European Union.

Google's Search Algorithm Challenged

The Italian mathematician who helped craft Google's search engine readies a "new radical view" of online search.

Gear Supplier Wants out of Syrian Surveillance Deal

The Italian company criticized for supplying the brutal Syrian regime with telecommunications equipment has frozen its participation and wants to kill the contract.

Italian Internet Activists Protest Proposed Law

Italy's Internet activists gathered in front of Rome's ancient Pantheon Thursday to protest a new law they say will throttle freedom of expression on the Web.