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10 Must-Have Utilities for Small Networks

Managing a network can be tricky and confusing. These utilities can help.

Has Microsoft Finally Killed Windows XP?

Is the operating system that refuses to die...dead?


Freebie LAN Speed Test Shows Your Network's Real Speed

Find your network's true speed--not just what your ISP promises--with LAN Speed Test.

Google Employees Should Fume About Bonuses Tied to Social Networking

One of Google CEO Larry Page's first moves will likely come back to bite him: Tying up to 25% of every employee's bonus to how well the company does in social networking. Considering the company's history of social networking failures, he may be faced with some very unhappy engineers.

Free Technitium MAC Address Changer Can Alter Your Network's MAC Address

Change the MAC address of your PC's network adapter with Technitium MAC Address Changer.

7Smoker Pro

Speed Up Windows 7 with 7Smoker Pro

Vista Smoker Pro

Speed Up Windows Vista with Vista Smoker Pro

Why Windows Could Seriously Injure Microsoft's Cloud Strategy

Microsoft would do well to use a leaner operating system for its tablets, because that way it will be more likely to gain market share.


Why Windows Could Seriously Injure Microsoft's Cloud Strategy

There's no doubt that the next big battle between Microsoft and Google is over the cloud. But Microsoft's biggest greatest asset, Windows, could do serious injury to the company's cloud aspirations, and leave Google a big opening.

How Ballmer's Windows-Dependency Has Helped To Kill Microsoft's Chances of Tablet Success

Tablets based on Windows 8 aren't expected to be available until late 2011 or early 2012 at the very earliest and that may be too late.

Technitium MAC Address Changer

Change the MAC address of your network card.

IDC Says Windows Phone 7 Will Beat the iPhone by 2015. Will Pigs Also Fly?

This blogger postulates that IDC is way off the mark in its prediction.


Alive Organizer

Alive Organizer: a great personal Organizer for efficient time management

Firefox 4 Dominates IE9 in Market Share, But Does It Matter?

Since its release, Firefox 4 has set an unofficial record for downloads in a day, while Internet Explorer 9 hasn't exactly burned up the wires. As a result, Firefox 4 market share is rocketing, while IE9's is on a gentler growth curve. Sound like bad news for Internet Explorer. But does it really mean anything?

Free Cleanup Utility SlimComputer Removes Unneeded Apps

Clean your PC of toolbars, unwanted trialware, and other junk with the crowd-sourced utility SlimComputer.