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Rovio Working on Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 has certainly gotten its share of publicity lately, considering the deal Microsoft made with Nokia. But now let's get to the really important news: The best-selling, time-wasting, addictive game Angry Birds will finally be coming to Windows Phone 7.


Why Wasn't Microsoft CEO Ballmer Invited to Obama's Tech Dinner?

Analysis: The White House appears to have decided that geography trumps innovation.

Norton Mobile Utilities for Android Beta

The Norton Mobile Utilities beta for Android is a useful but somewhat buggy suite of free tools.


Hands on: Norton Mobile Utilities for Android Beta

An attempt to bring the usefulness of Norton Utilities to a new OS


Verizon and Motorola Execs Give Thumbs-down to Windows Phone 7

Two of the most important players in the mobile industry, Verizon and Motorola, have essentially called Windows Phone 7 a failure


Laplink Gold Gets Multiple PCs in Sync

Connect to other PCs and transfer and synchronize files with Laplink Gold.

Forecastfox Weather Comes in a Chrome Version, Too

Get weather forecasts and weather maps in a pop-up window in Chrome with the Google-browser version of favorite Firefox add-on Forecastfox Weather.

Microsoft Suddenly Becomes a Mobile Behemoth

Microsoft suddenly becomes a mobile behemoth --- Nokia chooses Windows Phone 7


Guess What Google Calendar Chrome Extension Does?

Use Google Calendar from any Web page while using Chrome with this extension.

Revenge of the Nerds: Can Engineers at the Top Save Microsoft?

Multiple reports say that there's a management shakeup in the works at Microsoft, with CEO Steve Ballmer looking to find top engineering talent to spearhead its attempt to make up ground against Google and Apple in smartphones and tablets. But will it be too little too late --- and are more engineers even the right solution?

Free SlimDrivers Helps Keep Drivers Working

Keep the drivers on your PC up to date with SlimDrivers.

Laplink Gold for Windows 7

Access your PC remotely from any browser.

Chrome Utility Makes Viewing PDF and PowerPoint Files a Breeze

Chrome extension Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer lets you view PPTs and PDFs without launching a separate reader

Google Calendar Chrome Extension

Use Google Calendar from any Web page while using Chrome.

Honeycomb: 6 Reasons You'll Love Android 3.0

Google's new operating system is a big improvement over the existing version of Android, particularly for tablets.