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Preston Gralla is a contributing editor for Computerworld, a blogger for ITworld, and the author of more than 45 books, including NOOK Tablet: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly 2012) and How the Internet Works (Que, 2006).


Tool for structured organizing information about any files on any media

Resume Builder

Sarmsoft Resume Builder is a powerful resume writing tool!


Speed up browsing when using Chrome with this free add-on.

10 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is a capable Web browser--but these free downloadable add-ons make Chrome even better.


Apture Highlights for Chrome

Highlight any term in Chrome and see YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Wikipedia content.

Fine-Tune Your PC with Fix-It Utilities 11 Professional

The latest version of Fix-It Utilities keeps your PC in tip-top shape

Microsoft's OneNote: The Best App You Don't Use Gets iPhone Support

I've long been a fan of the stepchild of Microsoft Office --- OneNote. This little-used app is the best piece of software you likely don't know about, and it just got better, because there's now a version available for the iPhone. Here's why you need it.


Google Quick Scroll

Do a search in Chrome then quickly jump to your search term on the page it finds.

Auslogics Disk Defrag: A Free, Configurable Defragger

Defragment your hard disk with Auslogics Disk Defrag to increase performance.

When Patents Don't Equal Innovation

Analysis: Microsoft dominates Apple in patents, so why does it lag in innovation?

Sumatra PDF

Load PDF files lightning fast, without the pain of Adobe Reader.

Clean Up Windows and Your Hard Drive

Is your PC dragging at boot time? Does it take too long to do common tasks? Put snap back into your PC's step with these free and low-cost cleanup utilities.

Solid Converter PDF

Recover and reuse your PDF content with SolidConverter PDF.

Optimize Your PC With 360Amigo System Speedup Free

Although it overcalls some issues, 360Amigo System Speedup Free does clean up many system problems…and it is free.

Next Windows 7 Phone -- Not Much Will Be New

Microsoft says not much will be new in the next version of its latest mobile phone