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Preston Gralla is a contributing editor for Computerworld, a blogger for ITworld, and the author of more than 45 books, including NOOK Tablet: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly 2012) and How the Internet Works (Que, 2006).

Privacy Group: Microsoft's Website is Worse at Protecting Your Privacy

Microsoft has launched an all-out assault on Google's privacy policies, but when it comes to protecting your privacy, Microsoft's Web site lags behind both Google and Apple, says the privacy organization PrivacyChoice.

Why Microsoft is More Afraid of Google Than Apple

Microsoft has recently launched an all-out advertising assault against Google.

Windows 8 Will Deliver a Cloud Service to Rival or Beat iCloud

In Windows 8 Microsoft will merge its free online storage service SkyDrive and syncing software Mesh to provide the backbone for what looks to be a service that will rival or beat iCloud.

Apple Consumers Play Role in Suppliers' Labor Practices

The only way those factories will treat their workers properly is if people are willing to pay more for products from Apple and many other electronics makers.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Release Date: For Microsoft, It's All About Mobile

Windows 8 has everything to do with tablets and phones, and less to do with the desktop.

Google Fires Back at Microsoft Over Privacy Claims

Google says that Microsoft and other critics are spreading untruths about its new privacy policy.

Office 15: 5 Things Microsoft Should Do

Microsoft needs to better integrate Office with social networking sites and create a more useful Web version of its software suite.

Will Windows 8 Really Matter?

Microsoft is on track to deliver Windows 8 this year, likely some time in the last quarter.

Microsoft's Opposition to SOPA is Sincere, Not Half-Hearted

Microsoft has joined the public opposition to SOPA, although like Google and many other opponents, won't black out its site today. Although some people have said Microsoft's opposition is insincere or half-hearted, the company has been quietly working against it behind the scenes at least since November.

Microsoft's SOPA Opposition: Solid and Sincere, Not Half-Hearted

Microsoft has been quietly working against the Stop Online Piracy Act behind the scenes for months.

Comprehensive Tool Directory Report Gives You Power Over Your Directory

Print folder contents, kill file duplicates, and more.

Microsoft Celebrates as Internet Explorer 6 Dies, Windows XP Wilts

Microsoft is jubilant because that the only way to get many people to stop using XP would be to pry the computer on which it ran from their cold dead hands.

Why is Windows Phone 7 Failing? Former General Manager Explains

Despite years of development and countless millions in marketing, Windows Phone 7 still has gained no traction with consumers.


Free SugarSync for Outlook Handles Large File Attachments Neatly

This Outlook plug-in solves the problem of email providers limiting file attachment size.

Amazon Cloud Music Player Lets Your Music Roam Free

Amazon MP3 Uploader for Amazon Cloud Music Player lets you upload your music to play via the cloud.