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Preston Gralla is a contributing editor for Computerworld, a blogger for ITworld, and the author of more than 45 books, including NOOK Tablet: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly 2012) and How the Internet Works (Que, 2006).

Comprehensive Tool Directory Report Gives You Power Over Your Directory

Print folder contents, kill file duplicates, and more.

Microsoft Celebrates as Internet Explorer 6 Dies, Windows XP Wilts

Microsoft is jubilant because that the only way to get many people to stop using XP would be to pry the computer on which it ran from their cold dead hands.

Why is Windows Phone 7 Failing? Former General Manager Explains

Despite years of development and countless millions in marketing, Windows Phone 7 still has gained no traction with consumers.

Free SugarSync for Outlook Handles Large File Attachments Neatly

This Outlook plug-in solves the problem of email providers limiting file attachment size.

Amazon Cloud Music Player Lets Your Music Roam Free

Amazon MP3 Uploader for Amazon Cloud Music Player lets you upload your music to play via the cloud.

Why Microsoft Might Buy Nokia -- And Why Not

Analysis: Here are 3 reasons Microsoft might want an even closer relationship with Nokia, and 3 reasons it shouldn't bother.

Microsoft Bing is Nearly Number 2, But Continues to Lose Money

The latest figures from Comscore show that Microsoft is essentially in a dead heat with Yahoo as the second most popular search site.

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer is Rated Third-Worst Tech Company CEO

Of the more than 50 CEOs of top technology companies, Steve Ballmer's rating was way down toward the bottom, at 35 percent.

Who's the Best Cloud Provider? Amazon beats Microsoft by a Hair

Wondering which cloud storage provider to go with for your business? The data services company Nasuni has run tests, and it shows Amazon on top, just nosing out Microsoft.

Why an Open Source WebOS will Help Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 Tablets

Analysis: It's not clear whether making WebOS open source will revive it, but the move won't hurt Windows Phone 7 or upcoming Windows 8 tablets -- and it may even help.

Search Your Hard Drive From Your iOS Device With X1 Mobile Connect

If you've got the free X1 Mobile Connect on your computer and $15 X1 Mobile Search on your iOS gadget, you can search and edit docs at will.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Lumia Could be a Bust, Analysts Say

Analysts say they've seen little traction for the Windows operating system over the last 12 months and they doubt that the Nokia brand can make a meaningful difference.

Windows Phone 7 Sales Drop Precipitously

Windows Phone 7 devices sold fewer phones in this quarter compared to a year ago, even as overall smartphone sales jumped 42 percent.

Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak: Microsoft Tops Apple on Openness

If someone uses a tool to jailbreak their Windows Phone 7 Phone, the warranties on their device will remain, and they'll still be able to get Microsoft support for their phone.

Add-Ons to Power Up Outlook

Want to get more out of the world's most-used email software? We have downloads designed to help you bend it to your will.