What to consider before mobilizing your workforce

As technology lets workers be connected to their files, data and clients at anytime from anywhere, they're expected to get more done.

Carrier 'Bill Shock' is IT's Problem

The new iPad with 4G LTE support raises questions about how to control usage costs, with some arguing IT should enforce real-time device monitoring to prevent fees from spiking when employees are on the road.

How to Improve the Smartphone Experience Inside the Enterprise

Every day in large and small offices across America, business workers ignore the PC or desk phone and grab their smartphones for convenient voice, email and Internet access.

Wi-Fi 802.11n: Still Evolving

While 11n has quietly receded into the background, WLANs have crept out of our data-only world and taken flight as full-fledged network platforms.

Does Facebook Change the Messaging Landscape?

Facebook recently announced a messaging product that promises seamless messaging, conversation history and a social in-box, nothing short of a new way to communicate, regardless of the channel -SMS, e-mail, IM or chat.