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Rachel is a recent MIT graduate with a bachelor's in materials science and engineering. She likes 3D printing, solar cells, and maybe 3D printing solar cells, as well as videos of cats being confused by Roombas.

AquaTop display makes waves and turns your bathtub into a touchscreen

I can’t believe I just made that pun.

Watch as the MESSENGER probe looks back to Earth, bids our fair planet adieu

Here's your daily dose of relativity in one time-lapse video from NASA.

Rare earth metals might be a little less rare thanks to Japanese sea mud

“Rare earth” refers to the scarcity of easily-mined ores of the elements. Last month, we discussed a breakthrough in large-scale electrolysis that could make refining these ores and oxides much easier; now, Japan’s announcement of the discovery of a huge deposit of rare-earth minerals could make the market that much more competitive.

Here’s what Antarctica would look like without the ice

Bedmap2 produces the most detailed and accurate imaging of the Antarctic landmass yet.

Transparent solar cells could charge your devices while you play Angry Birds

Organic photovoltaic coatings gather energy without disrupting your gadget use.

Electrolysis makes titanium, other pricey metals less expensive

Titanium and tantalum, rare and expensive because they’re so hard to refine, just got a lot more accessible.

Absolute zero no longer absolute; next up, dividing by zero?

Welcome to 2013: We broke physics.