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Rachel is a recent MIT graduate with a bachelor's in materials science and engineering. She likes 3D printing, solar cells, and maybe 3D printing solar cells, as well as videos of cats being confused by Roombas.

Open-Source Architecture: WikiHouse Puts Housing Design in Your Hands

DIY-plus-pre-fab uses the best of both worlds, as well as some cool tech, to bring architecture to the masses.

Arduino Hack Spares You Hollywood News, Mutes Celebs on Sight

Sick of Snooki? Bored of Beiber? Can’t escape Kardashian? The Enough Already can fix that.

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New Personal 3D Printer Challenges MakerBot to a Fab-Off

Get it? A fabrication-off? Uh, never mind. Ultimaker, a Dutch 3D printer, is now available for preorder in the US.

What Beer Do Robots Like? DARwin Tells All

Robots are becoming more human-like each day! DARwin the robot displays his opinions about beer.

New Haptic Feedback Tech Makes Touchscreens Poke Back

Adding vertical oscillations to a smartphone touchscreen could simulate depths, ridges, and textures.

Marilyn Manson-Playing Robots Automate the Rebellious Teen Experience

These robots are freaking metal. And plastic, too. Here's a quick look at some cool musical robots!

Two Flying Cars Seek Road Approval; Future Finally Here

Companies on opposite sides of the US are bringing drivable planes from sci-fi to real life.