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Techlog: The Specsploitation Game and How to Beat It

Don’t be fooled: The product features and specs that vendors and retailers push aren't necessarily the ones that really count.

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PC World Downloads Have Been Revamped and Improved

We've redesigned the Downloads section of PCWorld.com to make it simpler to find the software you want with better search tools, more user reviews and easier navigation.

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Gesture Control: New Wave in CE Products?

First, it was the "clapper". Then came the Nintendo Wii. Now gesture control seems to be on the verge of being used in many more products.

New Sources of Business Intelligence

Blogs, wikis, and community forums can help companies prosper and bloom--or lead them to disaster.

Extras Boost Epson's Projector/DVD Combo

The bulky MovieMate 25 outshines strong competition.

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Recycle Your Hard Drive

TrayDock lets you turn an old internal drive into an external one perfect for backups.