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Windows 7: the iPad's Killer App?

Why the recently-announced Citrix Receiver software for iPad would do little more than turn Apple's tablet into a Windows-addled zombie.

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What Would Life Be Like Without Windows?

Free from the Microsoft hegemony, user and developer utopia should ensue, some argue -- but here's why apocalypse is more likely.

Why Firefox Will Flame Out

The open source community's favorite son is destined for the ash heap of history.

What to Expect from Microsoft Windows 7 SP 1

Although Windows 7 is in good shape, many users won't adopt it until Service Pack 1 arrives. Here's what appears to be on deck for SP1.

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10 Terrific (and Free!) Windows Tools for IT Pros

No Windows geek or PC support pro should be without these must-have utilities.

10 Free, Must-Have Windows Tools for IT Pros

No Windows geek or PC support pro should be without these must-have utilities -- and they're all free.

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Admit It: You're a Secret IE Abuser

Many of you claim to have sworn off Internet Explorer, yet statistics tell a different story.

Microsoft's PDC Confession: 'Do as I Say, Not as I Do'

The hypocrisy undermining the company's visual tools vision should make developers rethink their Visual Studio commitment before it's too late.

Microsoft: The Assassin of Google's Chrome OS

Here's a scenario for how Redmond could combat Google's Net appliance OS before it gets out of the gate.

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Google Chrome OS Will Fail: Here are the Fatal Flaws

Google Chrome OS is headed straight to the dustbins of tech history.

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Microsoft Office 2010: So Many Reasons to Hate It

The combination of bad UI decisions and sluggish performance has turned me off from Microsoft's latest and greatest.

Windows 7 Adoption Nudging Out Vista, Not XP

Tracking shows that Windows 7 uptake is surging, and Vista switchers account for the lion's share.

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Windows 7's Unexpected 'Killer' Feature

Everyone loves a killer feature — but what gives Windows 7 a strong future is not what you're thinking.

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