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Windows 7 May Be Doomed After All

How the new OS's reliance on Windows Update may prove to be its Achilles' heel.

Mitigate the 7 Deadly Sins Found in Windows 7

Lust, gluttony, greed, anger, envy, pride, and sloth -- with Microsoft's new OS, you'll find every deadly sin. Here's how to minimize the toll each sin takes.

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Windows 7 Brings Hardware/Software Harmony

No longer will software outpace hardware, thanks to Windows 7's respect for The Great Moore's Law Compensator.

Microsoft to Blame for Google Frame?

In the war to override browser behavior, Microsoft may have actually struck first.

Office Web Apps May Spell The End of Microsoft

How Microsoft's half-hearted embrace of cloud computing has signaled the start of an inexorable slide into obsolescence.

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Open Source Is Polluting the Windows Experience

The 'Linuxification' of Windows has begun, and it's perverting Windows and other good programs.

Snow Leopard Is a Pale Imitation of Windows 7

Let's wade through Apple's laundry list of borrowed features and derivative works in the new Mac OS.

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VMware Loses Its Magic

Analysis: A lack of real innovation points to a company in decline, beset by Sun, Microsoft, and other 'vanquished' rivals

'Critical' Windows Bug Threatens Launch

Analysis: An apparent fatal flaw in the NTFS driver stack may bring Microsoft's Windows 7 impending victory parade to a grinding halt.

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Top 10 Open Source Apps for Windows

Every Windows user should consider making these utilities part of their standard applications

Chrome Wants to Steal All of Your PC's RAM

Analysis: The latest build gobbles up over a half-gigabyte of RAM while rendering a selection of popular media and technology Web sites.

Apple Can't 'Tarnish' Windows 7

Analysis: Apple's impending assault on Windows 7 will be drowned out by the noise and thunder of the Microsoft distribution machine.

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Windows 7 Arrives: The Time Is Finally Ripe

Hats off to Windows XP -- it had a great run. But change is in the air, and it smells like Windows 7.

Google's Chrome OS Has 'Fail' Written All Over It

Analysis: Google's efforts to dislodge Microsoft Windows with Chrome OS don't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

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Microsoft Myopia Leads to Revisionist History

Analysis: To bash Apple and Mac OS X, Microsoft fan-boys must first turn a blind eye to the Redmond giant.

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