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What Will Become of Windows Vista?

Microsoft's current flagship operating system will likely fade away when the Windows 7 parade rolls into town.

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Diving Headfirst into Windows Beta 7

I take the Windows 7 Beta plunge and find the waters a bit choppy.

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Windows 7's Better Backup Features

Will Windows 7 allow me to realize my vision of an Apple "Time Machine" equivalent?

Mobile Workstations Worthy of Workstation Name

The term "workstation" refers to a high-end PC specially equipped for demanding tasks, but it typically loses its meaning when you attach the word "mobile."

Windows Vista SP2: Second Time's the Charm

Good news, Vista users: Microsoft finally seems to be getting a handle on the Windows code base.

Google's Plug-In Strategy for Chrome

At first glance, Google's plans for building an extension/plug-in framework for Chrome look quite promising.

Flame War: The Great Windows 7 Debate

Not a day goes by in which InfoWorld fails to receive a flaming comment or e-mail attacking InfoWorld's recent analysis of the pre-beta version of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Beta on Hold Until 2009

How my scathing rebuke of Windows 7 scared Microsoft into delaying the Windows 7 public Beta until 2009.

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Find out If Your PC Can Run Windows 7

Windows 7 is coming. Will your PC be ready?

Under the Hood, Windows 7 Is Vista's Twin

Who is Microsoft trying to fool? Underneath the fresh coat of paint, Windows 7 looks and runs like Vista. Here are the benchmarks to prove it.

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Windows 7: The 'Dog Food' Tastes Bad

My first attempt at a Windows 7 migration left me feeling a bit queasy.

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VMware Workstation vs. Sun XVM VirtualBox

VMware's desktop champion takes the flag, but Sun's free and open source alternative is coming on strong.

Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer 8

Next-generation Web browsers from Google and Microsoft deliver innovation and robustness at the cost of a truly massive memory footprint.

Leave the Laptop Behind

Application virtualization can make your mobile workforce truly machine independent. Here's how.

Thinstall App Virtualization Grows Up

VMware ThinApp 4.0 addresses many of Thinstall's shortcomings in manageability and scalability.