Internet Management Group Urged to be more International

The meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers exposes the gap in issues across nations.

New Cell Phones Serve the Visually Impaired

Vodacom has unveiled speaking cell phones that support text-to-speech for blind or partially sighted users.

Google Conference Focuses on Africa's Tech Needs

Google is sponsoring a Silicon Valley technology event intended to introduce the industry to Africa's challenges and opportunities.

New LG Handset Boasts Long Battery Life

The LG-KF510 automatically adjusts luminance of some functions in order to save power.

Microsoft Fights Piracy with Price Drop--in Kenya

Microsoft East Africa has reduced the price of its Office suite software while complaining of rampant software piracy.

Sun Eyes Expansion in Africa

Sun Microsystems has set its sites on Africa with a new plan to expand sales in emerging markets.