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Richard Baguley has been writing about, testing and breaking technology for the past 20 years. He has written for Wired, Macworld, USA Today, Amiga Format and many others


Maximize your monitor's performance with this desktop graphics utility.


Remove duplicate files from multiple folders or from the other side of the partition.


Speed up your PC by optimizing your system's memory.

Sure Delete

Permanently wipe all traces of a file from your hard drive.

PrintKey 2000

Print with a single press of the print screen key and also edit screen captures.

Alienware Area-51 7500

Pricey system has good looks, and its liquid-cooled, overclocked CPU offers plenty of horsepower.

The File Splitter

Chop files into small chunks and create a program that restores them. Great for e-mailing large files.

Master Splitter

Saw your files in half (or smaller pieces) for e-mailing so others can reassemble them without a cape and wand.

BootIt Next Generation

A powerful partitioning and drive imaging program that lets you create, delete and resize the partitions.

X-Setup Pro

Allows you to change settings hidden in Windows.


Avoid system sluggishness and freeze ups with this free utility.

FreeRAM XP Pro

Monitor how programs use memory, and try to make the most efficient use of the memory you have.


Recover deleted files--or delete them for good--with this small program.

Startup Control Panel

Automatically launch programs when your system starts up, with this free utility.


Create a bootable CD or DVD in case your PC crashes and won't reboot.