Ray Displays Ray: A Text-Friendly Pico Projector

The no-frills Ray pico projector displays legible text on a small screen but its color graphics and nonremovable battery disappoint.

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WowWee's Cinemin Swivel Is Built to Work With iPhone and iPod Content

Designed primarily as an Apple accessory, the Cinemin Swivel projects colorful iPod and iPhone images right out of the box.

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Aiptek PocketCinema V10 Plus: A Feature-Rich Pico Projector

The PocketCinema V10 Plus is an extremely versatile stand-alone pico projector, but its image quality is undistinguished.

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The Aaxa P2 Pays for Its Excellent Brightness With Subpar Battery Life

This powerful pico projector delivers very bright images and crisp text, but lackluster color and limited battery life are drawbacks.

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Optoma PK102: a Tiny but Bright Pico Projector

The extremely compact Optoma PK102 delivers vivid color images and handles stand-alone presentations via its built-in media player.

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3M's MPro120 Pico Projector Is a Candy-Bar-Size Powerhouse

The sleek 3M MPro120's bright and sharp images, easy-to-use features, and long-lasting battery earn it high marks.

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Acer P3250

Acer's compact, 2.7-pound P3250 is attractively priced in the ultraportable projectors market. Luckily, you also get excellent image quality.

InFocus IN1102

The versatile, 2.75-pound InFocus IN1102 is a superior choice for a double-duty, lamp-based projector that delivers bright, colorful images both in large...

Optoma Technology EW330

Optoma's compact, 2.4-pound EW330 is a lamp-based ultraportable projector that features 1280 by 800 (WXGA) resolution and enough illumination power (a...