Hosted Exchange Eliminates Server Admin Headaches

Outsource Exchange to a hosted service, and you can avoid installation and maintenance hassles.

Create Great Business Graphics Without Excel

A dedicated data-visualization tool can take the hassle out of creating smart charts for your business.

Intuit goes global using mobiles

Intuit aims to serve small businesses globally using Web accounting services on mobile phones

SugarCRM Keeps You Closer to Your Customers

Track your contacts, appointments, sales opportunities, and more with this simple online customer relationship management app.

QuickBooks Goes Global

The addition of multicurrency support and improved multiuser capabilities make Intuit's QuickBooks 2009 a worthy upgrade for many small businesses.

5pm: Easy, Customizable Project Management

5pm's accessible and highly customizable user interface can help you keep projects on track.

Let Zoho Send the Bill

Zoho's new service handles invoicing and collections for small businesses.

Put Performance Evaluations on the Web

SuccessFactors can help a business better manage its human resources.

Filtrbox Makes Online Buzz-Tracking Affordable

Filtrbox's intelligent agent searches the Web for information relevant to you--at prices that won't break the bank, starting with a free version.

Get More Clicks in the New World of Universal Search

Yahoo's free SearchMonkey can enhance your search-engine performance by taking advantage of new tools such as tags.

Paglo Taps Community Expertise for Managing PCs and Networks

Highly customizable beta service lets you monitor systems, receive problem alerts, and more.

First Look: Adobe's Document Collaboration Service

The free beta version of provides a good mix of services to help businesses share and collaborate on documents, with chat and conferencing features as well.

HyLighter Helps Groups Collaborate on Documents

This new Web service uses sophisticated color coding to highlight areas of contention.

Make Sure That General E-Mail Gets Answered

Email Center Pro helps small businesses manage shared e-mail accounts for receiving such correspondence as general inquiries and customer service requests.

Keep Business Teams Organized With JuggleMyStuff

JuggleMyStuff's Web service helps small businesses share files and track to-dos and appointments.