Keep Tabs on Your Legal Documents

A new Web-based service called Mumboe helps you track tasks, deadlines, and legal agreements.


Monitor Your Web Reputation

RelevantNoise helps you track what bloggers say about your products and services.

Microsoft-Yahoo: No Slam Dunk for Small-Business Ads

Microsoft's proposed Yahoo buyout would reduce the number of major players--but only good integration and compatibility with Google's ad system would make a Microsoft-Yahoo ad system a big hit.

Shopping Cart Service Taps Into Social Networking Sites

If you can't bring the people to the store, Cartfly may help you bring the store to the people.

FAQMasterFlex Makes Web FAQs Easy

Use FAQMasterFlex to easily create and maintain your site's FAQ.

Make Money From Your PDF Files

The new Yahoo-powered Ads for Adobe PDF service makes it easy to place pay-per-click ads in your PDF files.

Microsoft Office Accounting Gets More Versatile

New version of Microsoft's small-business accounting app improves Web integration, simplifies setup, and can enhance accountant-client communications.