DEFCON 20 Roundup: Lessons in Security

The infamous security convention has wound up, leaving hackers of all hat colors bemused, befuddled, and bewildered.

Yahoo CEO Quits -- The 'Morning After' Roundup

Analysis: The Web weighs in on Thompson's resignation over his resume, and the ruckus it caused.

Yes! Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad -- Untethered

Finally, there's an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 devices -- most of them, anyway.

How Not to Build Buzz For Your New BlackBerry, RIM

There was frightening news from Indonesia ten days ago, when a BlackBerry launch event turned into first a riot, and then a dangerous stampede.

Anatomy of a Chain Hoax: 'Facebook Charging $9.99 Tomorrow!'

What? Facebook charges? Apparently--I read it on my Facebook feed, so it MUST be true.

How NOT to Cut Code Like Facebook

Facebook's shiny new, radical, "ground-breaking" Messages functionality is seriously, badly broken.

Employees Have Free Speech on Facebook

Employers: it's not legal for you to restrict what employees say about you on Facebook, or other Internet venues. So says the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), after settling a lawsuit with American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc.

Blogwatch: Verizon Wants iPhone Exclusivity

Verizon Wireless wants to make sure you can't have an iPhone on Sprint or T-Mobile. It's willing to pay Apple for an exclusive deal (ignoring AT&T, of course).


Windows 8 ETA: 2012, Beta Possible in 2011

A roundup of clues, hints and speculation in the blogosphere about the next version of Windows.

What Should ISPs Do about Bot-Infected Users?

It's time for ISPs to wake up to their responsibilities and cut off bot-infected users.

Is It Curtains for Nokia?

A lack of leadership combined with poor platforms and patchy phones might mean that Nokia is on its last legs.

Motorola Droid 2: Day 1 Review Roundup

Analysis: From likes and dislikes to wishlists, here's the dirt across the Web on the Droid 2.


Twitter Spammers: What's Not to Hate?

These days, a search for just about any popular term returns a huge, steaming pile of automated tweets from an army of fake Twitter users.

Apple iPhone 4 Doubles the Memory of Its Predecessor

Eagle-eyed bloggers have noticed that the new Apple iPhone 4 will have 512 MB of RAM: double or quadruple the amount in previous iPhones (and double that in the iPad).