Richi JenningsYour humble blogwatcher is an independent analyst/consultant, specializing in blogging, email, spam, and other security topics. He was voted 'Most likely to get up first to sing at karaoke' for 14 years in succession., Computerworld

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Richi Jennings is an independent analyst/consultant, specializing in blogging, email, spam, and other security topics. He's also the main author of Computerworld's The Long View and IT Blogwatch. He has won awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, ABM/Jesse H. Neal, and B2B Magazine.

He was previously CTO for Samsung Contact. Prior to this, he was at Hewlett-Packard for 14 years, working in a wide variety of engineering, marketing and architect roles, mainly on OpenMail and its predecessor products.

Richi lives in England, is an un-professional DJ, rusty scuba diver, and was voted "Most likely to get up first to sing at karaoke" for 14 years in succession. You can follow him as @richi on Twitter, pretend to be Richi's friend on Facebook, Plus him at +richijennings, or just use boring old email:

(And, yes: that's Richi Jennings, not Richie Jennings; capishe?)

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DEFCON 20 Roundup: Lessons in Security

The infamous security convention has wound up, leaving hackers of all hat colors bemused, befuddled, and bewildered.

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How NOT to Cut Code Like Facebook

Facebook's shiny new, radical, "ground-breaking" Messages functionality is seriously, badly broken.

Employees Have Free Speech on Facebook

Employers: it's not legal for you to restrict what employees say about you on Facebook, or other Internet venues. So says the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), after settling a lawsuit with American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc.

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Verizon Wireless wants to make sure you can't have an iPhone on Sprint or T-Mobile. It's willing to pay Apple for an exclusive deal (ignoring AT&T, of course).


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Twitter Spammers: What's Not to Hate?

These days, a search for just about any popular term returns a huge, steaming pile of automated tweets from an army of fake Twitter users.

Apple iPhone 4 Doubles the Memory of Its Predecessor

Eagle-eyed bloggers have noticed that the new Apple iPhone 4 will have 512 MB of RAM: double or quadruple the amount in previous iPhones (and double that in the iPad).