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Richi Jennings is an independent analyst/consultant, specializing in blogging, email, spam, and other security topics. He's also the main author of Computerworld's The Long View and IT Blogwatch. He has won awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, ABM/Jesse H. Neal, and B2B Magazine.

He was previously CTO for Samsung Contact. Prior to this, he was at Hewlett-Packard for 14 years, working in a wide variety of engineering, marketing and architect roles, mainly on OpenMail and its predecessor products.

Richi lives in England, is an un-professional DJ, rusty scuba diver, and was voted "Most likely to get up first to sing at karaoke" for 14 years in succession. You can follow him as @richi on Twitter, pretend to be Richi's friend on Facebook, Plus him at +richijennings, or just use boring old email:

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Apple iPhone Has No Love for Adobe Flash

Adobe is crowing about all the smartphone platforms that support Flash. However, there's a notable omission in the loving list of phone vendors: Apple.


Linux Web Server Botnet: Scarier than Regular Botnets!

Bad guys have created a botnet of Linux Web servers. In a way, that's even more frightening than regular botnets of compromised Windows PCs.

How eBay CEO Wasted Money on Skype

With eBay poised to sell off Skype, bloggers offer "I-told-you-so" feedback for ex-CEO Meg Whitman.

Blogosphere in Uproar over Cybersecurity Bill S. 773

A proposed bill would grant the White House emergency powers to control the Internet, and bloggers are really spun up about it.

WPA Wi-Fi Cracked in a Minute — Maybe

Have security researchers broken WPA Wi-Fi encryption, or is the claim just hype?

No, That's Not a Mac Netbook — Really

Apple's readying an updated version of its sole surviving plastic Macbook: cheaper, lighter, and great for Snow Leopard. Just don't call it a netbook.

SF Network Admin's Charges Whittled Down

After Terry Childs has been rotting in jail for more than a year, bloggers read between the lines and ask, "Political shenanigans or management stupidity?"

Blogosphere Panic — Are iPhone Apps Spyware?

Some iPhone applications are phoning home with some scarily detailed information about you and your usage patterns.


Getting Serious about SQL Injection and the TJX Hacker

Bloggers wonder when IT people plan to get serious about SQL injection and other security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Word Patent Ruling: So Who Is i4i?

Analysis: Bloggers wonder if i4i is a patent troll or a genuinely aggrieved inventor.

IE6 Will Be Around Until 2014. 2014?!?

Analysis: Bloggers wonder if Web developers are stuck with Internet Explorer for five more years.


Cyxymu DDoS Blasts Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal

Analysis: Bloggers look east for the culprit — and wonder how in the heck to pronounce Cyxymu.

Microsoft Hasn't Canceled Windows 7's Release Date

Analysis: Bloggers get spun up about — gasp! — a bug in Windows 7 RTM code.


Deciphering Details about the Apple 'iProd'

Analysis: Apple config. files speak of a mysterious iProd, and bloggers get themselves into an anticipatory lather.


Black Hat Reveals iPhone SMS Vulnerability

Analysis: Guard your shiny devices, iPhone lovers -- iPhones and other smartphones are vulnerable to malformed SMS text messages.