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The one thing you should never do while traveling

Taking a trip? Bringing a laptop? Save yourself a lot of grief by avoiding this common mistake.

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This fast and easy conferencing service goes mobile, offering iPhone users quick tools for setting up and joining calls.

How to edit PDFs in Word 2013

Finally, you can open and tweak PDFs right inside Word. Here's how to get started.

Print Friendly for Chrome optimizes Web pages for printing

This handy extension gives you total control over what prints and what doesn't—and lets you "print" PDFs if you prefer.

Customize Windows 8's boot screen with Boot UI Tuner

This tiny utility gives you lots of control over your boot options, including bringing back the Windows 7 boot loader.

App Spotlight: Insightly for iOS makes CRM mobile

If you spend more time out of the office than inside it, this free app keeps your CRM tools close at hand. And it's free.

The five best business freebies of 2012

Who says you have to spend money to make money? These five goodies can improve your bottom line without even touching your budget.

My five favorite business tips of 2012

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Three New Year's resolutions for PC users

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Bust time-wasting employees with DeskTime

Like Google Analytics for your employees, this service reports on who's spending their time working and who isn't.

How to clean your laptop's cooling fans

If you don't do this once in a while, your laptop can get clogged with dust, overheat, and die prematurely.

UberConference: Best conference-call manager yet?

This free app for Android and iOS lets you create and manage calls with amazing ease, but it's hobbled by one major flaw.

App Spotlight: Automatically track your mileage with TripLog

Still writing down odometer readings and creating mileage reports by hand? This free app handles all that hard work for you.

One possible fix for a printer that won't print

Once you've exhausted all the usual troubleshooting steps, check your printer's ink cartridge. It could be faulty.