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How to add Windows Media Center to Windows 8 free of charge

Did you buy Windows 8 Pro? If so, you're entitled to the Windows Media Center Pack for free—but only for a limited time.

Get a $600 email marketing package for $49

Unlike the typical marketing email service, Vero sends action-oriented messages to your customers based on how they interact with your Web site.

Can Skype really take the place of a face-to-face meeting?

Airfare is awfully expensive. Videoconferencing is cheap. But when business is on the line, is it really as good as being there in person?

Yet another way to restore the Start button in Windows 8

Win8 StartButton is the latest third-party attempt to fix one of Windows 8's most broken features.

Get a totally free point-of-sale system for your small business

It's like Square, but with a cash register. And a receipt printer. And a tablet with 4G wireless. How can this possibly be free?

Use Ninite to give Windows 8 a classic Start menu

This handy batch software installer now supports Classic Shell, a Start button/menu combo for Windows 8.

Make ridiculously easy conference calls with Speek

This free service takes the hassles out of setting up calls. No bridge numbers, passwords, or PINs.

How to avoid fake Download buttons

It's all too easy to click the wrong button or link on an otherwise legitimate download page. Here are three ways to protect yourself.

Another way to restore the Windows 8 Start button and menu

Slick freebie Pokki makes the Windows 8 desktop a much more familiar and convenient place. And it comes with its own app store!

A faster, easier, tree-saving way to share documents

TagMyDoc leverages the power of QR codes to save time and paper. And now it integrates with Box, Dropbox, and Office.

App Spotlight: Maluuba for Android is like Siri—without the backtalk

Schedule meetings, create reminders, find businesses and more with this voice-activated helper app, which listens but doesn't talk.

How to not be a jerk on the Internet

They don't teach Internet etiquette in schools, but maybe they should.

App scanner tells you if a mobile app is safe—before you install it

The Zscaler Application Profiler vets Android and iOS apps so you can assess their security risk.

How to move from Gmail to Outlook.com

Ready to jump ship from Google's mail service? Here's how to make a smooth, painless move to Microsoft's new alternative.

How to shut down Windows 8

Yep, all Windows 8 users will need to relearn how to turn off their PCs. Microsoft hid the option in the strangest place.