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How to shut down Windows 8

Yep, all Windows 8 users will need to relearn how to turn off their PCs. Microsoft hid the option in the strangest place.

Four Web-based scheduling tools for small businesses

Still relying on a receptionist to schedule your appointments? One of these four services can do it for less—and you'll never have to pay overtime.

How to dual-boot Windows 8 and Windows 7

It's easier than you might think to test-drive Microsoft's new OS alongside your existing version of Windows.

Logitech M125

The single best travel accessory you can buy

Here's a hint: It'll make your laptop a lot easier to work with.

Group chat showdown: Which instant messaging service is best for your business?

Campfire, Hipchat, and Imo.im provide virtual rooms for important discussions. Which one works best for business?

Save the Web's best bits for later with Pocket

Found something on the Web you don't have time to read? One click puts it in your Pocket (app) for later reading on the go.

Swizzle Sweeper turns inbox-cluttering newsletters into a simple daily digest

This ingenious service not only manages that onslaught of newsletters, but also helps you unsubscribe from the ones you don't want.

How to know when it's time to replace your router

Can a router wear out? Is there a way to make it last longer? How do you know when you should cut bait and buy new?

App Spotlight: WorkFlowy comes to iOS

Already an indispensable Web-based tool for organizing tasks and ideas, WorkFlowy is now available in app form.

Learn the secrets of eye-friendly computing

Computer screens can be hard on the eyes. The Vision Council's new 16-page eye-safety guide is here to help.

Psst! Your terrible profile photo might be visible to people you email

You know that goofy headshot you use on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Yeah, people can see that when you e-mail them.

App Spotlight: Sign documents on the go with HelloSign

If you need to sign a document and don't have a printer or fax machine handy, this free app makes it possible -- and legal. It even integrates with your Evernote account.

igHome gives displaced iGoogle users a familiar home

Still shopping for a replacement for your ill-fated iGoogle home page? Developer Mike Sutton offers a very familiar-looking alternative.

Five ways to remember people's names

Put these tips to work at your next meet-and-greet. And if they don't work, well, there's always an app for that.

Solve the mystery of lost System Restore points

Are your restore points vanishing? There's at least one possible culprit, and it may surprise you.