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Rob Manuel was the president of his high school Biology Club, builds his own computers, and is better known for his lung capacity and his love of video games.

Everything you ever wanted to know about solid-state lasers

Lasers: You know that cats love them, pilots hate them, and in that one scene from Real Genius, Val Kilmer filled a house full of popcorn by cooking it with a laser from outer space. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

How adventure games came back from the dead

From Colossal Cave Adventure to the Walking Dead, how PC adventure games almost perished and why they're coming back with a vengeance.

US Air Force wants to install lasers on fighter jets; no word yet about sharks

If knowledge is half the battle, surely lasers on a fighter jet must account for the other 50 percent: The US Military wants to start installing defensive solid-state lasers on fighter jets and bombers to help protect them from surface to air missiles.

Scientists encode Shakespeare’s sonnets and more into DNA

Scientists in the UK now have outdone science fiction by storing 90 petrabytes of data onto 41 grams of DNA. Finally, there’s a way to store all my Star Trek: TNG slash fiction in one place.

Smart ice cubes tell you to go home if you're drunk

Responsible drinking is often seen as an oxymoron. Once you’ve had one too many drinks, you’re often not responsible enough to know when to stop. A student over at MIT is trying to solve this not-so-little problem by creating smart ice cubes that warn you when you’ve had one too many.

IBM finds the next big trend for 2014—steampunk

IMB programmers found out that the future of fashion may soon look to the past for inspiration as all evidence points to Steampunk being the big trend in 2014.

TLDR software keeps it short, sweet, and simple

Sometimes you don’t have the five minutes that it takes to read a whole article or the attention span to care about reaching the ending. A new bit of software called TLDR wants to truncate articles you find on the Web into more of a bit-size ordeal.

GPS gets some competition with this terrestrial-based tech

From trying to find that perfect restaurant to just trying to find your way around a city, GPS changed the way we live and connect with our world. Now that might be about to change.

Scientists try to figure out if we’re living inside The Matrix (no, really)

At the University of Washington, physicists want to put our universe to the test to see if there’s actually space out there or the seemingly infinite edge of the Holodeck.

NASA turns trash into fuel, no word yet on flying time-traveling DeLorean

The boys in the white lab coats might not be able to make a flying a car or see what serious stuff happens when one hits 88 miles per hour, but the scientists over at NASA are looking to bring the technology of Back to the Future to life.

Help astronomers unlock the secrets of the universe with the Andromeda Project

If you have a burning desire to find out what’s going on in our galaxy, you can now make your mark in record books thanks to the Hubble Space telescope and a new crowdsourcing project.

Researcher turns the iPhone into a portable medical lab; no tricorder just yet

While I might find it difficult to find a good Chinese restaurant with my iPhone, researchers at the University of Sydney want to turn that little gadget you keep in your pocket into a portable laboratory.