10 Must-Have Mobile Apps and Web Services for a Successful Summer Vacation

With these essential apps, you can avoid road rage, bedbug-infested cabin fever, and other travel maladies while maximizing your relaxation time.

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No Bull: Volkswagen Bulli Concept Electric Van Powered by iPad

Take one tablet and your driving headaches are over. If you believe that, you’re ready for the Volkswagen Bulli, a concept electric van which has an iPad for a control center.

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Meet The Galaxy Player: Samsung Unveils Ultra-mobile Tablets, Laptops

Today, Samsung announced several new products, including two small Galaxy tablets, two thin notebooks, and new apps that turn the Galaxy Tab into a TV screen and wireless digital camera previewer.

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LG Promises 3D Flicks Without the Flicker, 3D Glasses With More Class and Less Glass

LG showed off technologies that take the flicker and crosstalk out of 3DTVs that require glasses. The promise: Fewer headaches and stylish glasses with curved lenses.

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CES 2011: Top 20 Rumors and Leaks

What products will we see at CES 2011? We don't know for sure, but we've rounded up the latest rumors, hearsay, and educated guesses.