7 Ways Tim Cook’s Apple Can Serve Small Business Better

With the new CEO's focus on the business side of things, there’s an opportunity for small businesses to get some much-needed attention from Apple.

Cloud Use Greatly Outpaces Understanding

Users continue to be confused about the cloud, and many more are using cloud-based services than actually understanding the term, according to a survey from the NPD Group.

Small Businesses Benefit from Second Windows Intune Beta

Adding enterprise-class functionality to Microsoft’s cloud-based PC management tool will make it a better value to businesses of all sizes.

JailbreakMe 3.0 and the iOS PDF Flaw: Protect Your Business

Staying clear of PDF documents and making sure iOS users know not to jailbreak helps businesses avoid risks.

The HP TouchPad Needs Developers, Not Russell Brand

The actor will help HP build awareness for the tablet, but what it really needs to succeed is a greater array of apps.

Memo to Microsoft: It’s Time for Windows 365

The software giant should consider an on-demand model for Windows licenses before the venerable operating system becomes irrelevant in the cloud world.

Lync Is the Unsung Hero of Microsoft Office 365

The revamped collaboration tool is a key, if underappreciated, part of Microsoft’s new cloud-based productivity suite.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Dropbox Authentication Error

Businesses need to review cloud permissions and policies in light of online file storage security mishap.

AMD Complicates Its 'Vision' Processor Branding

'Vision A6' and Other Ways AMD Makes Purchasing Tough

American Airlines to Offer Samsung Tablets for In-flight Entertainment

Business travelers sitting 'up front' soon will have another perk beyond the extra legroom and drinks.

Upcoming MacBook Air Refresh Should Be First ‘Ultrabook’

The rumored MacBook Air update should be the first Ultrabook to market and become the new “it” device for the executive crowd that has to have the latest tech toys.

A Voice of Reason on IPv6 Day

As with Y2K, a moderate middle ground can be found between extreme views of the impending crunch on IPv4 addresses.

iMessage, BBM Miss the Mark in Consumerized Tech Age

Single-platform communication tools will frustrate, disappoint in a market with multiple strong business-friendly mobile operating systems.

Plan Now For Apple Lion's Arrival

Whether the new OS is encouraged or forbidden, Mac-friendly businesses need to have a policy in place well before Lion arrives in the Mac App Store.

As MacDefender Evolves, Cat-and-Mouse Security Comes to Mac

Even if MacDefender goes away, it has changed the Apple security game forever.